Whereas people used to rush to Park City during winter because it was considered the high season, it appears that the opposite may actually be really happening. Summer has got a completely new meaning and no one really knows the reason behind it. The 4th of July in Park City has become such that it is really difficult to get space anymore if you never booked you space in advance. The calendar of Park City Events during this time of the year when resort towns resembled ghost towns has changed completely. The 4th of July at Park City is becoming the new high season and all guests are living to look forward to their next visit.

There is a whole lot to do at Park City during the 4th of July with the Independence Day celebrations. One will need to remember that because the 4th of July comes in summer it is considered a low season and therefore the costs have been traditionally low. Your arrival at Park City is never a hassle because it only takes half an hour to drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport and you are at the center of all your summer holiday fun and entertainment. Beginning with golfing and then biking, picnics, chairlift accessed hiking as well as rugby games are just a few of the Park City events that you will enjoy on 4th July.

Many people become aware of the existence of Park City in 2002 during the Winter Olympic Games and to them Park City became synonymous with winter vacations. Since then anyone who thought about skiing and all other winter activities had nothing but Park City in mind. 4th July in Park City has brought a completely new meaning to this former mining city because many well oiled people who came over to celebrate independence on 4th July ended buying a piece of real estate in Park City for themselves. Try spending 4th July at Park City and you will realize that the calendar of events runs through out the year in this vacation destination.

Your summers will never be the same again once you discover the magic of the 4th July Park City parade down Park Avenue and the Main Street. The nearby Air Force Base will parade a spectacular low altitude formation of their jet fighters followed by a real parade down the historic Main Street at around 11:00 a.m. your fingers will not stop clicking away at your camera to keep beautiful memories of these splendid happenings opening up before your very own eyes.

Because of the favorable summer weather you can be sure to enjoy some very pleasant moments and of course such moments go down well with lavish snacks that are locally available. You will love to listen to the local high school band that also marches past as well as the Luge Club float and the Park Silly Sunday Market Float that features guys strutting down the street in stilts dressed like clowns. If that does not thrill you and make you 4th July at Park City you may also want to watch a game of rugby at the local rugby field and get enough adrenalin pumped up your system.