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No one likes to have the same things every day in and out and when there is an excuse for a change we always grab it and make a run for or life. This is the experience you will get with Park City restaurants because this is your home of variety. Coming for a vacation at Park City means much more than the snow and all the skiing and outside experiments you will be doing. There are more than 100 restaurants and bars on the Main Street and you can bet you will have such an experience that is reflecting different culinary influences and styles.

You don’t have to travel too far from your base at in order to experience a great Park City dining moment because Main Street is just around the corner. If you cannot walk all the way, remember there is a fee shuttle bus that operates daily from 7:00 – 12:30 am and you will be at the center of all the best foods within no time. After you have cleared having your dinner you can wind up the night at a dance club nearby or an evening of some cool jazz as you wait for your bedtime just around the corner.
If you are a lover of fine dining you will find enough company at Park City, which was going to be a ghost town after the silver mines were depleted but as fate had it, it is a now a bubbling tourist destination of the highest standards. Come January and you rub shoulders with the high and mighty of the film industry as they attend the Sundance Film Festival. You will get the best cuisine in the entire United States featuring European, French, Italian, Seafood and Steaks, Pizza, Sushi as well as a number of brews and pubs. There is also an abundance of night life spots with all those saloons, clubs, breweries and bars.

You may be interested in visiting the Corner Store Pub and Grill which has become one of the most popular restaurants at the Park City Mountain Resort. You will enjoy yourself with the best breakfasts, lunches and the best après ski parties. Your best burger and sandwich joint is open throughout and you can easily relax on the heated patio as you grab your bite watching the jostling crowds of revelers outside. One of the favorites of this joint is of course the beers but noting beats the ‘build your won burger’ special and the live music that comes 4-6 days weekly.

Another spot that will thrill you with an impressionable Park City Dining experience is the 350 Main which was actually voted the Best Restaurant of Park City in 2007. They do their best to impress their guests and they have also received the Wine Spectator Award all the years since 1998. Their warm interiors only add to the experience of the meals that are not only mouthwatering but extremely nutritious as well. Try the meals here that are organic and they are very low in fat but extremely high in flavor.