One of the best ways to tackle a vacation head on is to pack lightly and trust that you’re going to have a great time no matter what you bring with you. From summer to winter, there’s always a way to pack effectively and save yourself some trouble. Take these three Park City travel tips from us on how to travel light in Park City:


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Tip #1: Rent Your Sports Equipment Here

A great way to save yourself a world of trouble is to rent your athletic equipment here in Park City, rather than lugging along your favorite set of skis. Head to Christy Sports Ski & Snowboard Rental for some quality skiing and snowboarding equipment so you can ride our world-famous runs. You can rent bikes here too, if you’re into mountain biking, or you want to bike along our lovely and easier trails, or even if you simply want to use bikes to get around the city while you’re here. We recommend Park City Bike Demos and JANS Mountain Recreation Experts.


Tip #2: Pack Actively & Follow a List

By pack actively, we mean know what you’re packing, why you’re packing it, and leave behind anything that you’re not sure you’ll need. A great way to pack actively is by keeping updated on the weather forecast before your trip, so that you know exactly what sort of clothes you’ll need. Leave extraneous items out, pack the smaller versions of things (for instance, you should opt for your lighter shoes), and buy travel-sized bottles (available at any supermarket) so you can trim your toiletries down to minimal weight. If you follow a list you’ve made ahead of time, you’re less likely to toss random things in the bag with a “Maybe I’ll need this…” You’re also less likely to forget anything on the return trip home!


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Tip #3: Go with a Fully Equipped Vacation Rental

Vacation rental homes are the answer when it comes to traveling light. You can feel safe packing fewer clothes, because in a rental home you’ll get access to a washer and dryer, something that’s unavailable to you in hotel rooms. Some vacation rentals are even ski in/ski out, with storage space for your athletic equipment. You’ll have a decked out kitchen too, with all the amenities you’ll need to store food and cook while you’re in town, so we recommend stopping in a local shopping center such as Park City Farmers Market and stocking up on some local snacks for your stay.


Bonus Tip: Choose Park City Rental Properties

A Park City Rental Properties home is the place to be when you’re staying in Park City. We have everything ready to go for your stay, so you’ll have less to worry about on your end. Head over to our catalog now to find the home for you.


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