While some travel destinations offer little to enjoy during the winter season, Park City is a place you will always remember. Park City is one of Utah’s top destinations throughout the year, but the winter season is where the city comes alive. Park City is nestled up in the mountains, providing locals and visitors access to plenty of snow-filled excitement. You may find just a single weekend may not be enough to see everything that Park City has to offer. Here is what you can enjoy during a winter weekend getaway to Park City:

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Dress for the Weather on Your Getaway to Park City

Most individuals who vacation to Park City during the winter come for the snow and its wonderful activities. You will want to dress warm, as our temps will drop during the winter. Daily temps during the winter season stay around the mid-30s, providing you with a chilly day. Nights are even colder, dropping into the teens. Make sure you bring all of your winter gear with you, as it will be needed when exploring outdoors. If you are looking to upgrade a winter coat or accessory, Park City has plenty of local shops that offer a variety of warm and fashionable clothing.

Winter Sports in Park City

Park City has been popular for winter sports for decades, but the city really took off after the Winter Olympics were hosted here in 2002. Now Park City has been identified as one of the top winter destinations in the world. When visiting Park City, you can expect some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions around. Our perfect winter temperatures mean the powdery snow sticks around all season. Park City Mountain is one spot where you will find trails to tackle. The mountain features everything from casual slopes for beginners to steep routes perfect for the experienced skier. There are enough trails on the mountain that a skier or snowboarder can be on the mountain all day and still never ride down a trail more than once. With over 7,300 acres of space, there is plenty of skiable terrain for you to enjoy.

The trails are not the only way to enjoy snowboarding in Park City. The mountain has other features to enjoy such as manmade rails, half pipes, large ramps to jump from. Experienced riders can perform some of their best stunts they have yet to try. Many Olympic riders got their start here in the city, so you know you are in the right place for your winter getaway.

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Cross Country Skiing/Snow Shoeing

While the adrenaline junkies prefer to ride down the mountain, others may prefer a quieter day in Park City. You can still enjoy an exciting day in Park City by exploring the surrounding wilderness on foot. More specially, visitors can explore by cross country skiing or snow shoeing. These winter activities are the perfect way to see the winter landscape surrounding Park City while having a bit of fun. Nearby trails are perfect for cross country skiers to navigate the terrain. Snowshoes are perfect for a casual winter hike when it is difficult to explore on foot. For either activity make sure to layer up and wear wind resistant clothing. Sunshine that reflects off the snow can do damage to your skin, so make sure to apply sunscreen before your journey.

Winter Tubing

Another exciting winter activity that your kids will absolutely love is winter tubing. Let them glide down mountain trails on top of an inflatable tube. They will be racing down the mountain having an absolute blast. Local trails can be found at Solider Hollow and Woodward Park City during the winter.

Dog Sledding

You will not be able to say no to an exciting dog sledding adventure after you see these cute four-legged friends. Park City is home to various dog sledding adventurers who take visitors out on tours of the surrounding area. Professional dog sledding has been a popular activity in Park City for decades. These majestic creatures team up to pull guests for miles across the winter tundra. Competitive rates make dog sledding more affordable here in Park City than other winter destinations. Take your pick from local companies such as Luna Lobos Dog Sledding, All Seasons Adventures, and Destination Adventures. No matter who you pick, you can expect a thrilling ride and some loveable pups too.

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Park City Is Calling

Winter getaways may look a little different this year, but you can still enjoy these winter activities and more when you vacation to Park City. Enjoy our winter home by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals. While other destinations may have slower winters, ours is our most popular time of year. Book your rental today before everything is taken here in Park City!