When the leaves start turning that bright shade of yellow and red and the temperatures quickly drop, we know that the holiday season is right around the corner. 2020 has been an awfully long year with a health pandemic and so much more going on in the world. Now is the time to get a break you deserve and plan ahead for the holidays. Specifically, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and Park City is the perfect place to be. That’s right, our vacation home is the prime destination for all things Thanksgiving related. Our selection of luxury vacation homes will be available and ready to host your Thanksgiving celebration. Here is how you can enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving in Park City:

All Sizes of Vacation Rentals

If you have stayed in our vacation rentals before, you understand that they are second to none. That’s right, our private home rentals cannot be topped even by local hotels and resorts. These rentals are the perfect place to host your family’s Thanksgiving celebration away from home. Choose from small one- or two-bedroom condominiums up to large properties. These larger homes have plenty of bedrooms and spaces for everyone to sleep in the same home. Best of all, you will get to skip all the crowds at local resorts especially when a health pandemic has not completely disappeared yet. Enjoy a variety of amenities in these homes such as fresh linens and spacious rooms. You can relax in peace with your favorite television show on the flat screen TV or looking out at the beautiful Park City landscape from the patio deck.

Plenty of Room to Cook Up a Feast

There is nothing better during the Thanksgiving holiday than indulging on a homemade feast. We encourage all of our guests to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way by whipping up your own feast. The gourmet kitchens have plenty of room where you can cook anything from a baked turkey, mashed potatoes, and even the dessert too. Expect to find modern appliances with plenty of room and enough utensils and dishware for the whole family. Once everything has been prepared make sure to set up the dining room areas to settle in for your meal. You will feel right at home while enjoying a break from tradition with our luxury vacation rentals.

Local Restaurants for a Curbside Thanksgiving

If you want to break the tradition even further, you can check out one of the many incredible restaurants found around Park City. COVID may have stalled dine-in services, but our local restaurants continue to keep on kicking. Many restaurants, including fine dining establishments that previously did not offer takeout, now provide the opportunity to enjoy their food on the go. Order a delicious meal from local favorites such as Grub Steak Park City or Flanagan’s on Main. The restaurant prepares each meal so that you can enjoy it in the safety of your vacation rental. Now that is some good eatin’.

Thanksgiving Activities in the Area

While COVID may have restricted large events with which Park City usually celebrates Thanksgiving, you will still find plenty to enjoy during your stay. Take part in a variety of activities that can be best enjoy here. The snowfall typically starts in mid-November, allowing residents and visitors to take part in our famous skiing activities. Many of our Park City vacation rentals are just steps away from some of the best slopes in the state; many of these rentals even offer ski-in/ski-out amenities so you can hit the slopes whenever you want. Let the local gear shops supply you with all the gear you need. Most skiers where a mask when going down the mountain so you can put all those facemasks to good use! If skiing and snowboarding are not your specialty you can find plenty else to do. Check out one of the local farmers markets where you will find all the fresh produce you need for your Thanksgiving feast. When not frozen, the local rivers offer some incredible fishing conditions letting you reel up a huge catch. Many of the local wineries and distilleries will let you find the perfect adult beverage to pair with your holiday meal. All of these activities can easily be done while maintaining social distancing so you can keep safe.

Thanksgiving in Park City Is Almost Here

As you can see, there is so much you can enjoy when picking one of our vacation rentals for Thanksgiving in Park City. Get a start on the planning by reserving one of our properties today. As shown, you will have plenty of room to cook up a feast and enjoy a variety of amenities found nowhere else. Let Park City be your home away from home this holiday season.

While some travel destinations offer little to enjoy during the winter season, Park City is a place you will always remember. Park City is one of Utah’s top destinations throughout the year, but the winter season is where the city comes alive. Park City is nestled up in the mountains, providing locals and visitors access to plenty of snow-filled excitement. You may find just a single weekend may not be enough to see everything that Park City has to offer. Here is what you can enjoy during a winter weekend getaway to Park City:

Dress for the Weather on Your Getaway to Park City

Most individuals who vacation to Park City during the winter come for the snow and its wonderful activities. You will want to dress warm, as our temps will drop during the winter. Daily temps during the winter season stay around the mid-30s, providing you with a chilly day. Nights are even colder, dropping into the teens. Make sure you bring all of your winter gear with you, as it will be needed when exploring outdoors. If you are looking to upgrade a winter coat or accessory, Park City has plenty of local shops that offer a variety of warm and fashionable clothing.

Winter Sports in Park City

Park City has been popular for winter sports for decades, but the city really took off after the Winter Olympics were hosted here in 2002. Now Park City has been identified as one of the top winter destinations in the world. When visiting Park City, you can expect some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions around. Our perfect winter temperatures mean the powdery snow sticks around all season. Park City Mountain is one spot where you will find trails to tackle. The mountain features everything from casual slopes for beginners to steep routes perfect for the experienced skier. There are enough trails on the mountain that a skier or snowboarder can be on the mountain all day and still never ride down a trail more than once. With over 7,300 acres of space, there is plenty of skiable terrain for you to enjoy.

The trails are not the only way to enjoy snowboarding in Park City. The mountain has other features to enjoy such as manmade rails, half pipes, large ramps to jump from. Experienced riders can perform some of their best stunts they have yet to try. Many Olympic riders got their start here in the city, so you know you are in the right place for your winter getaway.

Cross Country Skiing/Snow Shoeing

While the adrenaline junkies prefer to ride down the mountain, others may prefer a quieter day in Park City. You can still enjoy an exciting day in Park City by exploring the surrounding wilderness on foot. More specially, visitors can explore by cross country skiing or snow shoeing. These winter activities are the perfect way to see the winter landscape surrounding Park City while having a bit of fun. Nearby trails are perfect for cross country skiers to navigate the terrain. Snowshoes are perfect for a casual winter hike when it is difficult to explore on foot. For either activity make sure to layer up and wear wind resistant clothing. Sunshine that reflects off the snow can do damage to your skin, so make sure to apply sunscreen before your journey.

Winter Tubing

Another exciting winter activity that your kids will absolutely love is winter tubing. Let them glide down mountain trails on top of an inflatable tube. They will be racing down the mountain having an absolute blast. Local trails can be found at Solider Hollow and Woodward Park City during the winter.

Dog Sledding

You will not be able to say no to an exciting dog sledding adventure after you see these cute four-legged friends. Park City is home to various dog sledding adventurers who take visitors out on tours of the surrounding area. Professional dog sledding has been a popular activity in Park City for decades. These majestic creatures team up to pull guests for miles across the winter tundra. Competitive rates make dog sledding more affordable here in Park City than other winter destinations. Take your pick from local companies such as Luna Lobos Dog Sledding, All Seasons Adventures, and Destination Adventures. No matter who you pick, you can expect a thrilling ride and some loveable pups too.

Park City Is Calling

Winter getaways may look a little different this year, but you can still enjoy these winter activities and more when you vacation to Park City. Enjoy our winter home by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals. While other destinations may have slower winters, ours is our most popular time of year. Book your rental today before everything is taken here in Park City!

Everyone loves visiting the beautiful Park City, but few know of its rich history. Park City features more than just the best ski slopes in the state but also historical attractions. Enjoy your own historical journey to Park City by visiting these local Park City attractions:

Tour Main Street

One of the first places you need to stop by in any city you are visiting is the downtown neighborhood. Park City is no different, as it features the historic Main Street in its downtown district. Main Street has everything you need for an enjoyable trip. The historic buildings house unique local shops and restaurants. The old brick style is a joy to marvel at and the buildings are kept in pristine condition. Check out Main Street on Sundays as the town slows down so you can enjoy everything at your own pace.

Park City Museum

You can help protect and preserve the rich history of Park City by visiting the Park City Museum. This local attraction is all about interpreting the regional history of Park City with engaging exhibitions and educational events. The Park City Museum has been open since 1981 and featured a small historical exhibit. However, the 2002 Winter Olympics brought a growing popularity to historical destinations and heritage tourism in Park City. In fact, the museum saw over 25,000 visitors in its small exhibit in just 10 days. This renewed spotlight allowed Park City Museum to receive funding for a larger location that is now found at Prospector Park; it has only been open since 2017 but features a much bigger space to allow special events and lectures. Visitors can also find exhibits inside City Hall that was originally built in 1885. Exhibits found at Park City Museum include interactive displays focusing on the impact of global culture on Park City, mining, performing arts, and historic events that have taken place. Park City Museum can be found at 528 Main St with entry priced at $15 for adults and $5 for children. The museum is currently open daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM with late closing hours at 6:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. Visitors who are high risk for COVID can even book a special appointment that takes place on Fridays before 10:00 AM.

Park City Attractions at the Meyer Gallery

Another way to understand the rich history of Park City is by visiting one of the several art galleries in town. The Meyer Galley is located on Historic Main Street and has been open since 1965. This exceptional gallery features contemporary artwork by national and regional artists. The original works of art on display include oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, and much more. The Meyer Gallery is known to not have a “touristy” vibe and focuses on high quality artwork. Visitors can even purchase work on display to take home as a unique gift found nowhere else. You can visit the Meyer Gallery found at 305 Main Street.

Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

Historic sites with beautiful views can be found just outside of town at Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway. A drive through this area will give you a personal experience of what early settlers dealt with when they first settled in the area. Gorgeous wildflowers and plenty of hills decorate the landscape surrounding Park City. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of trails to explore off the road along with spots to pull out from the street to snap a picture or two.

Egyptian Theatre

Regardless of when you visit Park City, there is some kind of production going on at the Egyptian Theatre, Park City’s own historic performing arts theatre (although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to productions). Park City itself has an extensive history with the performing arts as the original Park City Opera House was originally built in the late 1800s. Soon after that the Dewey Theatre opened up as is the precursor to what the Egyptian Theatre is today. The Dewey Theatre was transformed in 1926 as the renamed Egyptian Theatre but carried on its tradition of unique performing arts. In keeping with the name, the Egyptian Theatre is adorned with Egyptian-themed murals such as hieroglyphics. The Egyptian Theatre has been a center point for live performances and film screenings for the community. Visitors can view a variety of productions such as theatre, musical productions, comedy acts, and much more. You can visit the Egyptian Theatre found at 328 Main Street in the downtown neighborhood. Call 855-745-SHOW to ask which shows will be available during your stay in Park City.

More to Explore in Park City

You can enjoy all of these historical attractions found in Park City during your next stay. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today so you can be close to these attractions along with our popular slopes for either hiking or skiing, depending on the season.

Each year thousands of visitors descend upon Park City for some of the best skiing conditions that the western side of the United States can offer. Even the summer months offer an abundance of outdoor activities that will delight individuals of any age. Park City is not just the ideal vacation destination for those who wish to enjoy outdoor sporting activities; the area also features some incredible natural attractions in Park City that make it a true haven for those who love time spend outside.

Red Pine Lake

In the heart of the mountains you will find Red Pine Lake just outside of Park City. This body of water may not be the biggest lake in the region, but it offers plenty of surprises for visitors who make the trip. Red Pine Lake is much more secluded than other lakes in the area, allowing it to be a quiet refuge for those looking to escape the busy city. Those who complete the hike to the ridges surrounding the lake will be rewarded with sweeping views of Red Pine Lake and other nearby bodies of water.

Wasatch Range

The greater Park City region is located inside the Wasatch Range, a mountain range that stretches for over 160 miles in Utah and Idaho. The Wasatch Range includes the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, Bear River Mountains, and more. The Wasatch Range was named after a Shoshoni leader using the native language of the Ute people and stands for “blue heron.” Most of Utah’s settlements are in close proximity or within the boundaries of the range; Salt Lake City is situated right in between the Wasatch Range and Great Salt Lake and is Utah’s most populous city with a population over 2 million people. The Wasatch Range has a low humidity that, when added with the lake effect of local lakes, gives Park City the powdery snow during the winter that outdoor sport enthusiasts absolutely love. You can find the highest point in the Wasatch Range at Mount Nebo, which tops out at 11,900 feet. Visitors to the Wasatch Range often take advantage of the numerous hiking and mountain biking trails, rock climbing, skiing, and fishing. There is a limitless amount of incredible views found only from the Wasatch Range.

Swaner Preserve

The urbanization of Park City has pushed local wildlife further out from the city. The Swaner Preserve and Eco Center is a unique preservation land that gives local wildlife a safe place to roost. Swaner Preserve features an abundance of local wildlife that includes sand hill cranes, voles, ducks, and more. The preserve itself is set upon acres of hills and wetlands that are easy enough to explore. The colder winter months often sees the area covered in snow. However, the local visitor center can help visitors with snowshoe rentals, allowing you to traverse the terrain. The wildlife is often out during most parts of the year and can easily be seen with binoculars. Make sure to stop in the visitor center on the way in to grab a trail map that will help you find your way around the Swaner Preserve.

Natural Attractions in Park City at Jupiter Peak

Of course, we would not be able to talk about the local natural attractions in Park City without mentioning Jupiter Peak. This local mountain peak is the highest point in all of Park City and is frequently used by local ski enthusiasts. For decades Jupiter Peak has been the epicenter of Park City, bringing in visitors after every snowfall. While the peak is known for having several different ski trails and even a few bowls, it also features a variety of trails to explore on your own. The summer season offers hikers the chance to trek up to the top, especially if making your way from Guardsman Pass. Keep note that there are no ski lifts that travel to the top, so adventurers will need to trek up and down the peak on their own to complete this difficult yet rewarding journey.

Union Pacific Rail Trail

For those who wish to traverse the wilderness surrounding Park City and get to know the history of the city, look no further than the Union Pacific Rail Trail. This natural attraction is a relatively flat hiking and biking trail that stretches out past the city. Along the trail you will learn about the rich history of the rail system that allowed Park City to flourish early on. The trail can be wet after recent snowfall but is rewarding with possible wildlife sightings nearby.

Explore Nature in Park City

As you can see, there is a lot more to Park City than just skiing and snowboarding. Get ready for your upcoming adventure by reserving one of our luxury vacation rentals in the city. You will be steps away from endless excitement only found here.

For many individuals who are employed yet carry a passion for adventure within themselves, work time and well-deserved vacations have often been kept on two very separate parts of the annual calendar. While work is the everyday expectation, vacation is often viewed as that time when work is left behind, and travelers take off for new and exciting destinations.

In 2020, the arrival of COVID-19 on the global scene has changed the work/life balance dramatically. Almost instantaneously, homes were required to transform into offices and those with families were left looking for routes to keeping kids educated and entertained while setting up a makeshift office that would still allow for at-home productivity. Between spotty Zoom calls, online schooling, and attempting to create brand-new schedules, it’s an understatement to say it’s been a struggle for many.

However, within the new sense of inevitable chaos has also come some incredible potential that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of these exciting possibilities comes directly from the new remote-work option in combination with options to travel. As work has transitioned onto a remote platform, employees are no longer required to remain in one place. In fact, as long as work gets done, it can essentially be done from anywhere on the map—including those vacation destinations 2020 initially seemed to erase from the realm of possibility. Instead of limiting yourself to a home office, consider booking a Park City vacation rental fully equipped with those work-at-home features you need, while settling into a destination that inspires the mind and imagination. Remote workers that choose to combine their professional endeavors with fantastic getaway experiences will find that comfort, convenience, and options for fun are available in equal measure—particularly when you set your travel sights on Park City, Utah.

Where Fun and Efficiency Collide

At Park City Vacation Rentals, we’ve long been committed to creating personalized Park City escapes, and in 2020, we’re taking our standards to new heights as remote workers look for places to not only be professionally productive but enjoy a simultaneous getaway experience. We’re here to help guests book into just the right vacation rental that not only keeps them close to those scenic destinations they can’t wait to explore but offers up the essentials and extras that make a trip this way just as successful as it is unforgettable. Take advantage of our collection of properties that offer up high-speed internet services and wi-fi in combination with plush furnishings, beautiful views, and fully equipped kitchens for replacing those office coffee breaks with ease. Large flat-screen televisions make it simple to stream work video calls while the scenery outside your front door keeps motivation high to get through work and get out and explore.

Luxurious Touches That Make the Stay Complete

While our properties come outfitted with those work essentials you’ll require, we’re happy to offer up luxurious extras to enjoy as well! From multi-level balconies for enjoying the view to interior fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and extended sofas for snuggling in at night, our homes away from home are designed to inspire. For those that love to ski, many of our properties keep you close to the slopes while options are always available to customize aesthetics from mountain-inspired designs to an ultra-modern take on your stay. If you happen to be traveling and working remotely with your pet, be sure to let us know as many of our rentals are equipped to welcome four-legged friends as well!

Savor Time in Park City Far from the Crowds

While you’re likely to settle into your Park City vacation/work rental with ease, this destination is one that’s designed to be explored and enjoyed to the fullest! When remote work is finished up for the day, Park City provides plenty of options for fun that keep health and safety standards top of mind while keeping you far from the crowds. Whether you’re enjoying a hike or ski trip down Park City Mountain or making the most of a stroll down Main Street, Park City combines the best of natural beauty and small-town charm. For those that love to get out and get into nature, a day trip to Jordanelle State Park provides plenty of options for boating, kayaking, hiking, or picnicking while fly fishing just outside Park City is always a welcome and tranquil retreat.

Find Your New Stride in 2020 with a Park  City Vacation

2020 has brought with it plenty of unexpected moments, but at Park City Vacation Rentals, we firmly believe that it still has the potential to hold some unforgettably wonderful memories as well. If you’re a traveler that has suddenly become a remote employee, it’s time to take your work on the road and enjoy the beauty and fun of Park City, Utah while staying productive too. Our properties will provide the structure and access points you’ll need while Park City brings the options for outdoor fun and entertainment! Reach out to our team today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of Park City vacation rentals in the area and to begin turning remote working into the adventure of a lifetime.

Park City, Utah is a fan-favorite destination in the winter when the slopes beckon and the fresh powder falls. Popular for its collection of ski resorts that are suited to the outdoor enthusiast looking for downhill fun, Park City has a reputation built on cold-weather adventure. However, before the crowds come calling in the winter, fall is a fantastic time of year to explore and enjoy this scenic destination. With a crisp hint of changing temperatures and the trees on display in blooming colors of change, Park city promises to be a place where fall adventures are waiting around every corner. When you’re excited to make your way this direction for some Autumn inspiration, here are a few activities that will take your getaway to Park City to the next level of unforgettable excellence!

Plan a Fall Foliage Hike During Your Getaway to Park City

The mountains, hills, and dynamic terrain that make up Park City and the surrounding landscape can be counted on to put a colorful display on each and every year when the fall season rolls around. The highlight of an autumn escape anywhere is often the chance to enjoy a fall foliage hike and a trip to Park City is no exception to the rule. When you’re in town as the seasons transition out of summer, be sure to set your sights on a fall foliage hike to Bloods Lake. This 2.8-mile roundtrip trek enjoys an elevation gain of 465 feet and is considered moderately difficult with smooth routes that include touches of steep terrain throughout. Hikers will find the surroundings scenic and tranquil with towering trees providing the colorful and eye-catching hues you’ve been waiting to enjoy. The alpine lake at the summit is definitely a highlight as well and if you’re planning to hike this route, be sure to bring your camera with you.

Bike Your Way to Fun on Mid Mountain Trail

Cooler Park City temperatures mean that those with a passion for mountain biking might just find the fall season ideal for getting out and trying new routes with ease. The Mid Mountain Trail is a particular fan-favorite in this area and highlights the best of the Wasatch front range in scenic style. Lined with pine trees and aspens, the Mid Mountain Trail is known for its challenging ridge-top riding and its single-track design complete with plenty of rises and thrilling descents. Mid Mountain Trail can be easily accessed from Park City Mountain Resort as it links up seamlessly with Spiro Trail. Beautiful views and an incredible challenge are yours for the savoring when you put your mountain biking skills to the test on this route.

Stroll Along Main Street

Sometimes, it’s just the simple things in Park City that bring this destination to life for visitors and no more so than in the gentle and inviting fall season. When you’re hoping to spend some time savoring sights, flavors, and capturing the essence of your getaway, plan to take some quiet time to simply stroll down historic Park City Main Street. This charming locale is loved for its welcoming atmosphere and Sundays are often set aside as pedestrian-friendly evenings where you can stroll, shop, and dine without the hassle of surrounding vehicles. Check out the boutique shops, people watch or simply take in the view and indulge that feeling of gratitude.

Canoe or Kayak on Jordanelle Reservoir

Fall in Park City brings with it the added benefit of not being too late in the year to still enjoy time on the water. Whether you’re excited to paddle your way through a day, cast a line, or make the most of foliage admiring from a vantage point on the waves, time spent on the Jordanelle Reservoir is sure to please. Hop into your cozy canoe or kayak and make the most of time on the water surrounded by lush forest and gently rolling hills.

Book a Private Park City Ghost Tour

For the fall traveler to Park City looking to connect with the supernatural during a fall getaway, the team at Park City Ghost Tour can help. Located on Main Street, this company provides customized ghost tours throughout the year that focus on specific neighborhoods and come with a long lineup of intriguing stories and accounts. You can still keep far from the crowds by booking a private experience where it will just be you and your experienced guide learning more about the unseen world in Park City.

Enjoy the Getaway

No matter what time of year you set your sights on a Park City Adventure, the team at Park City Rental Properties is here to make sure your stay is complete. Contact us for more information regarding our properties and services and to begin planning your next exciting trip! We can’t wait to welcome you to Utah and to be a part of your unforgettable experience.

Labor Day is an inviting and leisurely moment set aside on the calendar each year to step away from the hustle and bustle and focus on time where life is simply enjoyed to the fullest. While it’s easy to settle in at home when this holiday rolls around, why not kick things up a notch this year and spend your well-deserved time away in the scenic destination of Park City, Utah? As vibrant in the winter months as it is the rest of the year, Park City promises to be a place where you can rest, relax and make the most of fun moments from the moment you arrive until you head back home. Here are a few options to add to the itinerary you’re planning for this year’s Park City Labor Day retreat.

Hike the CMG Trail

One of the highlights of any trip to Park City, Utah is the plethora of opportunities to truly take in the beauty of the surrounding dynamic terrain. One of the best routes to doing this is to lace up your boots and hit the hiking trails while you’re in town. For those Labor Day travelers that are excited to get out in nature and enjoy a challenge that comes with a scenic reward, beginning your journey at the CMG Trail is sure to inspire. Short for Crescent Mine Grade, the CMG Trail is actually a former mining road that today provides trekkers with 6.2 miles of out and back travels to conquer. Dotted with ski runs and Aspen groves, the CMG Trail tests endurance while also inspiring hikers to return in the winter months for some serious downhill fun!

Mountain Bike Your Way Through the Holiday

Boasting over 450 miles of public trails, Park City, Utah is an oasis of potential for those that arrive over Labor Day with an enthusiasm for getting out and into nature by mountain bike. While there are lots of options to choose from depending on your skill level, the trail known as The Holy Roller at Deer Valley Resort is a great one to begin with. Bikers will enjoy time descending 1,300 feet over the course of five winding miles where they’ll have the chance to take in the views, enjoy the surrounding Aspens and challenge themselves in a setting that’s equal parts inspiring and thrilling. Do note that a lift ticket may be required to reach the summit of this trail.

Spend Time Kayaking This Park City Labor Day

While it’s easy to think of peaks and trails when you envision Park City, Utah, those that make their way here over the Labor Day holiday will be thrilled to find that it’s a destination just as well suited to catering to the crowds that have a passion for time on the water. Park City is surrounded by a collection of lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs that provide plenty of options when you’re looking to spend an afternoon on a kayak paddling under the bright Utah sunshine. Whether you ultimately decide on the Weber River or Jordanelle State Park, you’ll find that kayaking in Park City is a highlight of your stay.

Explore Your Fishing Options

Many who prefer to keep the focus of their Labor Day fun on the waves will also appreciate the fact that Park City is a perfect spot for those anglers who can’t wait to cast a line and wait for the next big thing to bite. Fly fishing, in particular, is an iconic activity to partake in when visiting Park City and both the Provo River and Weber River offer up an abundance of opportunity when you have your sights set on trout. While guided tours can always be arranged ahead of time, there’s nothing quite like setting out to enjoy a moment of tranquility surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Picnic in Old Town Neighborhood Park

If your travels bring you to Park City alongside family and friends, be sure to set aside a bit of time one afternoon to enjoy an open-air picnic at the Old Town Neighborhood Park. Situated in the hillside at 144 Main Street, a picnic lunch here keeps you close to city center fun while still providing that secluded tranquility that comes from being surrounded by towering trees and blooming flowers. When you’re in the mood for an after picnic stroll, Old Town Neighborhood Park provides visitors with the intriguing option of following the overgrown trail around the park and keeping their eyes peeled for interesting plants and wildlife along the way.

Enjoy Every Moment in Park City

From Labor Day adventures to any time of year travels to Park City, the team at Park City Vacation Rentals is waiting to make sure your experience is made complete with a booking in a luxurious and welcoming property while you’re in town. Reach out to us today to learn more about our many area options and to begin planning your next exciting trip to Utah!

Rugged beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure have long been defining features of a trip to Park City, Utah. Easily found just east of Salt Lake City, Park City is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream-particularly when those visions of a great getaway come complete with fresh air, mountain peaks, and opportunities for in town fun too. During the winter months, Park City comes to life in the name of downhill excitement. Whether visitors set their sights on the iconic Park City Mountain Resort or Deer Valley Resort, this destination is truly one of a kind when the winter months roll in. As the snow melts away, Park City reveals a thrilling terrain filled with incredible trails and waterways just waiting to be explored. For the visitor that has a heart for shopping, exploration, and flavor, downtown Park City is dotted with charming restaurants, shops, bars, and spas that are sure to please.

The beauty in the contrast of activities available in Park City is that while those who prefer to be a part of the crowd can find their place in the many events to be found, those that prefer a more isolated getaway have just as many options waiting for them here as well. When you’re looking to indulge in the best Park City has to offer, but are hoping those events keep you off the beaten path, be sure to add these more isolated activities in Park City to the itinerary.

Take a Private Tour of Park City Museum With These Activities in Park

For those visitors that are looking to connect with Park City’s history and unique mining past, a trip to the Park City Museum is bound to be an inspiring choice. Located at 528 Main Street, the Park City Museum was designed to promote and protect the area’s heritage and does so through a collection of interactive and hands-on exhibits and displays. When you’re looking to beat the crowds and enjoy a more isolated experience at the museum, consider booking a walking tour or private guide to best enjoy your time.

Fly Fish Along the Provo River

There’s something wonderfully relaxing about an afternoon of fly fishing and when you’re visiting Park City, Utah, there’s no better place to do exactly that then along the scenic Provo River. Easily accessed just minutes outside the center of the city, the Provo River has long been a favorite amongst fly fishing enthusiasts thanks to its abundant collection of Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout. The Provo River hosts pristine waters and lush surrounding foliage, making the view just as exciting as the day’s prospects for reeling in something incredible.

Rent a Pontoon and Enjoy the Strawberry Reservoir

Perhaps you’re looking forward to quiet time on the water but you aren’t much one for fishing. Then consider heading over to the Strawberry Bay Marina where you can rent a pontoon for the day and make your way out onto the tranquil waters of Strawberry Reservoir. While this is a popular fishing destination, it’s just as well suited to some time spent working on a tan, sipping an afternoon away, and taking in the view.

Reserve Your Chartered Experience with Destination Sports and Adventures

Sometimes the best way to learn about a new place is to stick with the local experts and those that partner up with Destination Sports and Adventures during a trip to Park City will find exactly that. This premier provider of all things outdoor fun is a great chance for those that are looking to book private outdoor tours to find exactly what they’re looking for. From chartered fishing experiences to fly fishing lessons, new anglers will be able to set the tone and pace of their day while their guide gives the basics and offers up insightful facts about the terrain and waterways. For those that are in the mood for more adrenaline-pumping fun, Destination Sports and Adventures also offers the option of booking private water rafting excursions down the Weber River. Enjoy a brand new experience that’s sure to thrill while still maintaining a sense of independence during your travels.

Rent a Mountain Bike with JANS Mountain Recreation Experts

The many trails that wind their way through Park City and the surrounding terrain prove to be endlessly tempting for those that love to explore on two wheels. When you’re in town and hoping to make the most of these routes, be sure to swing by JANS Mountain Recreation Experts and rent a mountain bike. Located at 1600 Park Avenue, JANS Mountain Recreation Experts has been a top provider of all things outdoor rental equipment and gear in the area since 1980. Their vast collection of rental bikes can be selected to fit the off-road routes you’re looking to conquer and the staff on-hand are more than willing to help with ideas when it comes to planning your one of a kind adventure.

Enjoy the Best of Park City

When you’re ready to plan your Park City getaway, be sure that Park City Vacation Rentals is there to help you select the ideal accommodations for your stay. Our collection of inspiring properties is sure to meet your every need and keep you close to those places you can’t wait to explore. Contact us today to learn more about our many options!

Some might find travel trivial when it’s done in the name of nothing more than a simple vacation. However, what might be missed within this assumption is just how powerful of a tool travel is when it comes to re-centering the mind in a world that tends to work on hyper-speed. Most days, individuals find themselves running from place to place with never enough time or energy to get everything on the to-do list done. Over enough time, this approach to daily life can take its toll both mentally and physically. Enter the importance of travel. Even if you only have a few days to spare, getting out of a normal daily routine and enjoying a new scene, exciting activities and atmosphere can do wonders in the way of revitalizing perspective. If travel has the ability to do this for individuals—how much more effective might it be to plan a Park City corporate retreat and give your employees the communal gift of getting out of the office and enjoying something new?

Office life may be standard for many professionals, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Personnel transitions can cause stress in the workplace, changes in management can make for difficult hurdles, and sometimes, big projects just wear on groups in the long term. For times like these and so many more, planning a fun and refreshing corporate retreat can be a great way to eliminate familiar surroundings and give employees a chance to bond, converse and relax somewhere outside of the office. A corporate retreat can also be a powerful tool when it comes to rewarding a team of professionals for a job well done.

While focusing on the activities that will make a corporate retreat fun is important, the most essential factor might just be picking the perfect place to enjoy. When your team is one that would benefit from a diverse lineup of options for excitement and could really appreciate a scenic view-there’s no place better than Park City, Utah.

Savoring Time in a People-First Setting

In the workplace, work tends to come first. During a corporate retreat, employees have the wonderful opportunity to step back into their individual and unique personalities and truly relish a people-first environment alongside others they work with daily. Removing the stress of a professional agenda can open up a world of possibilities for a professional team that might need a rejuvenating moment of fun to simply get back on track. The beauty, welcoming ambiance, options for outdoor adventure, and indoor entertainment all make Park City, Utah a perfect place for employees from all different types of industries to find common ground and really enjoy their time away together.

Activities in Park City, Utah to Enjoy as a Team

The lineup of potential options for fun that your entire team will enjoy in Park City is as diverse as the landscape you’re here to admire itself. If you’re making it a winter getaway to Park City, this destination is known and loved worldwide for its amazing selection of ski resorts that are waiting to dazzle those with a passion for downhill fun. Whether you set your sights on Deer Valley Resort or Park City Mountain, a team that’s up for a challenge in the name of bonding will love a ski-focused corporate retreat this direction. For those teams that make their way to Park City in the summer, a trip down the Park City Alpine Slide could easily be paired with time strolling through the downtown Sunday market where food, beverages, and live music meet groups in abundance. For those groups that require a bit more specific direction when it comes to corporate retreat team building, the local professionals at All Seasons Adventures are ready and waiting to make your Park City getaway one of a kind. Summer adventure options range from team fly fishing, rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking, or a unique combination of them all upon request. Winter adventures might include team snowshoeing trips, dog sledding excursions, or winter fly fishing fun.

Accommodations to Help the Team Feel Welcome for Your Park City Corporate Retreat

Whether you go for a more independently planned route when you arrive in Park City or prefer to go the way of structured team building fun, making sure you have comfortable, clean, and convenient accommodations in place is imperative to creating an unforgettable corporate retreat for all. The team at Park City Rental Properties has long made customized stays a priority and is ready and waiting to help you plan your next amazing getaway with your professional team. From large living quarters to those properties that feature fun upgrades, you’ll find it simple to search for what you’re looking for out of our portfolio of options and simple to select just the right experience. Contact us for more information on our many options and to begin planning your next Park City corporate retreat.

Park City, Utah is a popular destination amongst ski enthusiasts, but it’s dynamic and scenic terrain makes it a wonderful vacation locale for outdoor adventurers any time of year! Luxury, comfort, flavor, and shopping fun can all be found in this charming mountain town, but Park City truly shines when it comes to adventures that keep you close to the great outdoors. Whether you’re one for the slopes or the trails, making your way to Park City in the name of encounters with nature is sure to inspire. Here are a few outdoor Park City activities to add to your itinerary the next time you find yourself here.

Enjoy the Bike Trails

The mountains that make Park City an oasis of fun when the fresh powder falls in the winter turn this destination into a maze of ideal bike trails when the snow melts away. When you’re a traveler that has a taste for adventure, be sure to rent a bike and hit the Park City trails in style. From downhill mountain biking to more leveled out paved pathways, the city and surrounding area host a variety of options to choose from. The Rail Trail is a wonderful options for those bikers looking for a straightforward route that’s mostly paved and provides options for enjoying the scenery at a tranquil pace. This bike trail extends 28 miles outside of town, making it easy to customize your turnaround point whenever you’d like. For a route that provides more challenging mountain loops and switchbacks, ideal for the expert mountain biker, consider a day dedicated to the Armstrong to Mid-Mountain trail. Big elevation changes and stunning views are yours for the enjoying, but be sure to bring your A-game as this route is designed to push athletic limits.

Book a Falconry Experience Tour

Park City is home to some spectacular natural landmarks, but it’s also a safe haven for a variety of stunning birds of prey. Guests looking to get outdoors and enjoy learning about these incredible creatures too will be thrilled when they book a Falconry Experience Tour. Hosted by Wasatch Adventure Guides, this unique experience involves a 90-minute outing where guests will encounter and engage with everything from falcons and owls to impressive hawks. This opportunity is made possible in partnership with the team at Earth Wings and was designed to be an informative, educational, and inspiring experience for guests of all ages who love the great outdoors.

Hike Your Way to Fun

Whether you’re looking for a moment of quiet and seclusion or are hoping to encounter nature at its finest, hiking is a wonderful way to accomplish a little bit of both. Park City, Utah is a great place to lace up your boots and hit the trails. A maze of mountain or more level pathways makes it simple to pick and choose the trek that fits your skillset or preferences for the day. Quinn’s Junction is a particularly popular trailhead in the area that can be accessed just off of Highway 40 and provides easy parking options too. Over 30 miles of trails can be accessed from this point that are perfect for walking, jogging or running your way through some breathtaking terrain.

Get Out on the Water With These Park City Activities

Park City has a way of bringing mountains exclusively to mind, but the water systems that call this region home mean outdoor adventurers have plenty of options to enjoy time rafting as well. Team up with the professionals at All Seasons Adventures when you’re ready to test your skills on the rapids. Guided excursions on the Weber River can be customized to last anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hours in length, making for a full day of adventurous fun. The best time to book a rafting trip in Park City is between June and September and it’s important to note that the minimum age requirement for this experience is 4 years old.

Explore a Ranch

Whether you’re up for a trail ride or more interested in learning what it takes to keep a successful ranch up and going, a trip to the Boulder Mountain Ranch at Deer Valley is a great idea. This scenic stop is a fully-functioning operation but also offers up 1- or 2-hour trail rides to guests upon request. If you happen to swing by during the winter, those trails get transformed into the perfect pathways for a horsedrawn sleigh ride to be enjoyed.

Book Your Park City Stay

Packing your bags and heading to Park City is an exciting experience no matter when you arrive. Be sure to focus on the fun and let the team at Park City Vacation Rentals handle all the details of your accommodations while you’re in town. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of options and to start planning your next amazing adventure to Utah!