Park City is well-known for its culinary offerings. From casual to high-end, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a look at some of our choices that have become favorites of both locals and visitors alike.


Buffalo Burgers at the No Name

All burgers at the No Name Saloon are made with 100% buffalo meat, and include the favorite Saloon Burger with toppings such as grilled onions. The No Name Burger features a dollop of cream cheese and jalapenos. Other burgers include the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, the Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger, and the Zesty Red Bell Burger.


Highly Rated Burgers at Sushi Blue

Sushi Blue also offers one of the best burgers in town. Yes, this sushi restaurant has a great burger called “The Blue Burger” and there’s no fish on it. It is a presentation of grilled organic chuck with traditional toppings on a flour-top roll. Add your choice of cheese or apple smoked bacon, or seared pork belly and you have a masterpiece.


Check out the Offerings of a Local Gastro-Saloon and Distillery

Fast becoming a favorite is the High West Distillery and Saloon. Its offerings include a Caribou Sausage Roll and High Country Pot Pie. You will definitely also want to try High West’s hand-crafted spirits including whiskeys, bourbons, and vodkas.


The Authentic Tastes of Mexico

El Chubasco is a true locals favorite. This small establishment is located in a strip mall and is definitely worth a visit. They have a massive salsa bar to whet your appetite for menu offerings such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. And don’t miss the chile relleno!


Enjoy a Local Brew

Squatters Roadhouse Grill and Pub has tasty treats such as fried pickles and Roadhouse nachos. Of course, you’ll want to pair up this pub fare with one of the many locally brewed beers.


Burgers and Bourbon at the Montage

The Montage Deer Valley offers a unique spin on the burger with its offering of classic and gourmet burgers, with choices such as the Smokehouse Burger to tuna, turkey and veggie burgers. Enjoy the hand cut fries and shakes. There’s also a bourbon bar that offers more than 100 bourbons and whiskeys.

At Park City Rental Properties, we know it’s all a matter of taste. When you visit, let us help you find a great restaurant or two. Whether you want something ultra casual or high end, or you want to hang with the locals, our knowledgeable staff can help you find a tasty eatery!