Set your calendars for August 20 for a very special event at Utah Olympic Park! The Park will be hosting the steepest slip ‘n slide party in the area. The Slip ‘n Soar is the perfect way to end your summer.

During this exciting event, you’ll enjoy summer in a day of fun on the single and mini water ramps at the Spence Eccles Olympic Freestyle Pool. Other activities for the day include Bubble Ball Soccer, Ping Pong, Cornhole and so much more. You’ll also enjoy live music, and tasty food and drinks will be available for sale.


Ticket Prices for Slip ‘n Soar

Ticket prices are:
$50 (ages 13 and up) and include the Slip ‘n Soar activities including unlimited runs on the water ramps, bubble soccer, ping pong and more.

$90 (ages 13 and up) This ticket includes the Slip ‘n Soar activities and a Gold Pass. The Gold Pass gives unlimited day uses Extreme Tubing, Extreme Zip, Freestyle Zip, Alpine Slide, Discovery Course, Canyon Course, Summit Course, Drop Tower, and Scenic Chairlifts.


Other Upcoming Events at the Olympic Park

On Friday and Saturday July 29-30, come out and experience athletes from across the nation compete in the Annual North American Jindro Mayer Springer Tournee + US Large Hill Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined Championships
Free admission for spectators.


Exciting Activities at the Park

Utah Olympic Park, in addition to special events, is a great place to take in some exciting activities. Take a peek at some of the family friendly activities that will let you experience the exhilaration of the park.

Extreme Zipline —Fly high above the ski jumps. This ride is like the K120 jump at the park, and is one of the steepest ziplines in the world!

Alpine Slide — Take a smooth comfortable ride down the hill surrounded by spectacular views. Thrill in the straightaways, banked turns and drops! Fun for all ages and size!

Drop Tower — This is an advanced level activity that gives you a breathtaking 65-foot drop on a zipline that takes you above the treetops to a drop tower. From the tower, step off the platform and soar through a 65-foot free fall!

The Park also offers guided tours where you can view sites from the Olympic Games. You can also catch a glimpse of training sites for future Olympians, and learn about the history of skiing.

If you want tickets to Slip ‘n Soar, the Park or more information, just ask one of our concierge members at Park City Rental Properties!