Deer Valley is known for its winter sports, mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking and nature walks, and stunning scenery. So, it’s no wonder that so many people flock here for vacations to ski, snowboard, sled, ride the rapids, snowshoe, and hike or bike its trails. These activities make Deer Valley a prime spot to own a vacation rental. There are also great reasons to hire a Deer Valley property management company to take care of your income property.

We’re Local

When you buy a vacation rental, you want someone managing it who has the expertise and more than a few months in the business. Park City Vacation Rentals has been providing the best Deer Valley property management in the industry for over ten years. Our full-service packages will cover everything you need so that you can do what you do best—go live your life worry-free!

Having a local management company handle your property needs is crucial. Park City Vacation Rentals has a network of knowledgeable and experienced people that live in the community. We know its nuances, which help us provide you with top-quality service.

If you have not purchased yet, contact us anyway. We can help you decide on the best neighborhoods based on livability, proximity to activities, and quality of amenities. If you have ever stayed at a vacation home or hotel where there were no nearby restaurants, activities, or shops, you know why this is important.

Maintenance Services Included with Deer Valley Property Management

One of the best things about our range of services is the maintenance. We not only make sure that your home is in good shape between renters, but we also offer services like thorough pool and hot tub maintenance, repairs, and appliance replacement. We are familiar with the industry and have reliable companies available to get the jobs done right.

If you hire us before you purchase, we will also go through the home with you and help you work out what you need our maintenance and repair crews to do. You might have damage to a wall that requires more than a bit of plaster, or you may just need a coat of paint. We can guide you through the process and help you make an informed purchase.

We Book Your Property

If you have a marketing degree, great! You can probably market your property yourself. But do you know the business well enough to know which platforms perform the best, how to accept credit cards, what to do with problem renters, etc.?

We know all this, and this is especially valuable if you live elsewhere. You don’t have time to proximity to do all this yourself. We book your property by using a combination of high-quality photography, 3D virtual tours, well-written descriptions, and a detailed list of everything your property has to offer your guests. All this work is done by experts in the business. You can rest easy knowing that our staff can handle keeping your property booked.

We Are Clear with Our Costs

Because we know the tax requirements, resort costs, credit card processing fees, and other small fees like insurance and licensing, we won’t be micro-charging your future retirement home into oblivion. You will know before you sign on the dotted line what everything will cost.

We Handle the Details

Let’s say you live in Wisconsin and bought your vacation rental in Deer Valley, but you manage it yourself. Someone rents it and treats it with such disrespect that you have at least a week of repairs to get done. This is less likely to happen with us handling your Deer Valley property management because we drive by your property now and then just to check on it. Go ahead and call around to other companies and ask them if they do that.

What if we have a snowstorm and a tree branch falls in front of your house? Do you want to spend the next day trying to get help, or would you rather rely on a company that has help at its fingertips?

Preparing the Home for Renters

Between your renters, your house needs to be deep cleaned and sanitized. Sure, you can line up a company to do that from your home out of state, but wouldn’t you rather have a company supervise this to make sure it gets done and done right? You can’t be here to watch over the process. Even if you could, do you want to make trips here every few days just to make sure other people are doing their jobs? Of course not, that’s our job!

Your Business Plan and Budget

Unless a rental property owner is realistic about how they will spend and manage their money, they are set up to fail in the long run. Unless you know all your costs and can project your revenue accurately, this won’t be easy—if you can do it at all. Because you will have all our fees in front of you, this process will be much easier. And when you have a reasonable budget, you can have a good business plan, which will help ensure your success.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a rental property, contact Park City Vacation Rentals today. Let’s talk about how we can make your life as a rental property owner easy through our Deer Valley Property Management!