For many individuals who are employed yet carry a passion for adventure within themselves, work time and well-deserved vacations have often been kept on two very separate parts of the annual calendar. While work is the everyday expectation, vacation is often viewed as that time when work is left behind, and travelers take off for new and exciting destinations.

In 2020, the arrival of COVID-19 on the global scene has changed the work/life balance dramatically. Almost instantaneously, homes were required to transform into offices and those with families were left looking for routes to keeping kids educated and entertained while setting up a makeshift office that would still allow for at-home productivity. Between spotty Zoom calls, online schooling, and attempting to create brand-new schedules, it’s an understatement to say it’s been a struggle for many.

However, within the new sense of inevitable chaos has also come some incredible potential that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of these exciting possibilities comes directly from the new remote-work option in combination with options to travel. As work has transitioned onto a remote platform, employees are no longer required to remain in one place. In fact, as long as work gets done, it can essentially be done from anywhere on the map—including those vacation destinations 2020 initially seemed to erase from the realm of possibility. Instead of limiting yourself to a home office, consider booking a Park City vacation rental fully equipped with those work-at-home features you need, while settling into a destination that inspires the mind and imagination. Remote workers that choose to combine their professional endeavors with fantastic getaway experiences will find that comfort, convenience, and options for fun are available in equal measure—particularly when you set your travel sights on Park City, Utah.

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Where Fun and Efficiency Collide

At Park City Vacation Rentals, we’ve long been committed to creating personalized Park City escapes, and in 2020, we’re taking our standards to new heights as remote workers look for places to not only be professionally productive but enjoy a simultaneous getaway experience. We’re here to help guests book into just the right vacation rental that not only keeps them close to those scenic destinations they can’t wait to explore but offers up the essentials and extras that make a trip this way just as successful as it is unforgettable. Take advantage of our collection of properties that offer up high-speed internet services and wi-fi in combination with plush furnishings, beautiful views, and fully equipped kitchens for replacing those office coffee breaks with ease. Large flat-screen televisions make it simple to stream work video calls while the scenery outside your front door keeps motivation high to get through work and get out and explore.

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Luxurious Touches That Make the Stay Complete

While our properties come outfitted with those work essentials you’ll require, we’re happy to offer up luxurious extras to enjoy as well! From multi-level balconies for enjoying the view to interior fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and extended sofas for snuggling in at night, our homes away from home are designed to inspire. For those that love to ski, many of our properties keep you close to the slopes while options are always available to customize aesthetics from mountain-inspired designs to an ultra-modern take on your stay. If you happen to be traveling and working remotely with your pet, be sure to let us know as many of our rentals are equipped to welcome four-legged friends as well!


Savor Time in Park City Far from the Crowds

While you’re likely to settle into your Park City vacation/work rental with ease, this destination is one that’s designed to be explored and enjoyed to the fullest! When remote work is finished up for the day, Park City provides plenty of options for fun that keep health and safety standards top of mind while keeping you far from the crowds. Whether you’re enjoying a hike or ski trip down Park City Mountain or making the most of a stroll down Main Street, Park City combines the best of natural beauty and small-town charm. For those that love to get out and get into nature, a day trip to Jordanelle State Park provides plenty of options for boating, kayaking, hiking, or picnicking while fly fishing just outside Park City is always a welcome and tranquil retreat.

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Find Your New Stride in 2020 with a Park  City Vacation

2020 has brought with it plenty of unexpected moments, but at Park City Vacation Rentals, we firmly believe that it still has the potential to hold some unforgettably wonderful memories as well. If you’re a traveler that has suddenly become a remote employee, it’s time to take your work on the road and enjoy the beauty and fun of Park City, Utah while staying productive too. Our properties will provide the structure and access points you’ll need while Park City brings the options for outdoor fun and entertainment! Reach out to our team today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of Park City vacation rentals in the area and to begin turning remote working into the adventure of a lifetime.