Everyone loves visiting the beautiful Park City, but few know of its rich history. Park City features more than just the best ski slopes in the state but also historical attractions. Enjoy your own historical journey to Park City by visiting these local Park City attractions:

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Tour Main Street

One of the first places you need to stop by in any city you are visiting is the downtown neighborhood. Park City is no different, as it features the historic Main Street in its downtown district. Main Street has everything you need for an enjoyable trip. The historic buildings house unique local shops and restaurants. The old brick style is a joy to marvel at and the buildings are kept in pristine condition. Check out Main Street on Sundays as the town slows down so you can enjoy everything at your own pace.


Park City Museum

You can help protect and preserve the rich history of Park City by visiting the Park City Museum. This local attraction is all about interpreting the regional history of Park City with engaging exhibitions and educational events. The Park City Museum has been open since 1981 and featured a small historical exhibit. However, the 2002 Winter Olympics brought a growing popularity to historical destinations and heritage tourism in Park City. In fact, the museum saw over 25,000 visitors in its small exhibit in just 10 days. This renewed spotlight allowed Park City Museum to receive funding for a larger location that is now found at Prospector Park; it has only been open since 2017 but features a much bigger space to allow special events and lectures. Visitors can also find exhibits inside City Hall that was originally built in 1885. Exhibits found at Park City Museum include interactive displays focusing on the impact of global culture on Park City, mining, performing arts, and historic events that have taken place. Park City Museum can be found at 528 Main St with entry priced at $15 for adults and $5 for children. The museum is currently open daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM with late closing hours at 6:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. Visitors who are high risk for COVID can even book a special appointment that takes place on Fridays before 10:00 AM.


Park City Attractions at the Meyer Gallery

Another way to understand the rich history of Park City is by visiting one of the several art galleries in town. The Meyer Galley is located on Historic Main Street and has been open since 1965. This exceptional gallery features contemporary artwork by national and regional artists. The original works of art on display include oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, and much more. The Meyer Gallery is known to not have a “touristy” vibe and focuses on high quality artwork. Visitors can even purchase work on display to take home as a unique gift found nowhere else. You can visit the Meyer Gallery found at 305 Main Street.

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Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

Historic sites with beautiful views can be found just outside of town at Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway. A drive through this area will give you a personal experience of what early settlers dealt with when they first settled in the area. Gorgeous wildflowers and plenty of hills decorate the landscape surrounding Park City. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of trails to explore off the road along with spots to pull out from the street to snap a picture or two.


Egyptian Theatre

Regardless of when you visit Park City, there is some kind of production going on at the Egyptian Theatre, Park City’s own historic performing arts theatre (although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to productions). Park City itself has an extensive history with the performing arts as the original Park City Opera House was originally built in the late 1800s. Soon after that the Dewey Theatre opened up as is the precursor to what the Egyptian Theatre is today. The Dewey Theatre was transformed in 1926 as the renamed Egyptian Theatre but carried on its tradition of unique performing arts. In keeping with the name, the Egyptian Theatre is adorned with Egyptian-themed murals such as hieroglyphics. The Egyptian Theatre has been a center point for live performances and film screenings for the community. Visitors can view a variety of productions such as theatre, musical productions, comedy acts, and much more. You can visit the Egyptian Theatre found at 328 Main Street in the downtown neighborhood. Call 855-745-SHOW to ask which shows will be available during your stay in Park City.

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More to Explore in Park City

You can enjoy all of these historical attractions found in Park City during your next stay. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today so you can be close to these attractions along with our popular slopes for either hiking or skiing, depending on the season.