Recently, Park City lit up the path to Main Street. Lights were turned on the walkway between Main Street and Swede Alley. The lights run between the Swede Alley walkway and the Main Street walkway, creating a wonderful pedestrian path. This walkway is considered a critical access between the transit center to Main Street. The bronze sculpture of a bear lounging on a bench is a highlight of this unique pathway.

The lights are now a very noticeable addition to the city’s nighttime landscape. Interestingly, City Hall has tight control over lighting in the area, and it is very rare that such a unique lighting installation was approved.

Matt Twombly, the senior City Hall project manager, along with a staffer oversaw the walkway project. He says that the color of the lights will vary and have the capability of different colors including yellow, red, green, and blue. Additionally, this lighting installation can remain a single color or can be rotated at different speeds.

Says Twombly, “We wanted to give a visual between the transit center and Main Street. It’s probably the most important connection between the transit center and Main Street.

The lights were supposed to be installed in 2014; however, the first set of lights did not meet specifications for the curved path. According to Twombly, the lights were returned to the Chinese manufacturer that redid the lights for the correct specifications without any additional cost.

The improvements to the walkway were part of an overall work plan for the city. Heavy investments have been made on public improvements during the recent years, using funds from a voter-approved program.

Both City Hall officials and Main Street business leaders say the improvements are critical to Main Streets shopping, dining, and entertainment, as the area now faces competition from other outlying districts. Improvements have included work on the overall streetscape, such as sidewalk upgrades.

The Historic Park City Alliance wanted greater visibility along the rout. Says Alison Butz, executive director of the Alliance, the lights are “acting like run way lights.” She continues, “The goal is really to show the visitors where to go.”

At Park City Rental Properties, we have enjoyed seeing the improvements happening on Main Street. It is adding a warm sense of ambiance to our little city, and we know that visitors to the area will truly enjoy walking along this new, lighted walkway.