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Chances are slim for many small towns to get the chance to support Olympic athletes. This is not the case for Park City, and we may brag that it never has been the case. Many people would consider us to be over active or down right adrenaline junkies. We see the thrill in a multitude of actives and are proud that our community lives such an active lifestyle. Without further ado here are 33 athletes you will be seeing on the US Olympics team competing in Sochi, Russia. The best part is they are Park-ites! 

Sochi, Russia has had unfavorable weather conditions for all outdoor Olympic sports. Olympians must draw bib numbers which determine the lineup for the day for each sport. Athletes stress how drawing a bib that is just two number behind someone else can bump you back one or two hours on the roster and the snow conditions can really deteriorate by then. Some skiers are making light of the situation by tweeting pictures of them sunbathing in 62 degree weather!

On the other hand Park City has extremely favorable weather this year with our Pineapple Express storms hitting one after another! The snow has not let up and now is the best time to book your upcoming vacation to Park City.


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