Here in Park City, we’re constantly on the lookout for bold new flavors to refresh our palates. We love how it’s always possible to find a new favorite dish here if you simply go looking. Check out some of our Park City restaurant recent finds:

The Bison Tenderloin at Grub Steak

Grub Steak is high class and you’ll feel catered to in every sense of the word from the moment you step inside. The bison tenderloin is one of those meals you’ll treasure as one of the best meals you’ve ever had. The cut comes from bison raised on a farm in North Dakota, and it’s been lovingly wrapped in thick sliced applewood smoked bacon to give it even more flavor. Try it with a side of steamed asparagus with hollandaise and a heavy-bodied wine. After your table has all finished dinner, try one of their after-dinner chillers, like the Wild Mountainberry Cosmo, made with house made huckleberry puree, Park City distilled vodka, and raspberry liqueur.

Spicy Lobster Sliders at Freshie’s Lobster

This is a pretty big shakeup from the first entree. Compared to Grub Steak, Freshie’s is small and cozy and modern. It’s a more casual dining experience, which is sometimes exactly what you’re looking for. The whole menu here is great, but one of the best things on it is undoubtedly the Spicy Lobster Sliders. You get 2.5oz of lobster on slider buns, topped with guacamole, roasted red peppers, and sriracha aioli to bring it all together. It’s a firework of flavor and we can’t recommend it enough!

Pan-Seared Utah Trout at Tupelo

The atmosphere inside this dining establishment is grandiose, yet comfortable. The soft golden lights will have you speaking in hushed whispers and eagerly awaiting your dinner. They say the mark of a truly amazing restaurant is a small menu, and this restaurant has just that. They know their specialties. You’d be doing yourself a courtesy by trying the Pan-Seared Utah Trout, served with a lemon butter sauce and potato sesame crumb. While you’re in Utah, why not try the Utah Trout? Have one of their specialty cocktails to wash it down with, like the Slow Burn (Larceny Bourbon, Aperol, Lillet Rouge, Habañero Bitters, and lemon).

Park City is Bursting with Flavor and Fun

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