Planning for a vacation getaway can be a whole experience. You will have to pick your destination, find a place to stay, and book your favorite activities to do in the area. As you can see the whole experience starts to add up and can be a little heavy on your wallet. Luckily destinations such as Park City have plenty of unique activities and events that are budget-friendly. These types of activities let you have all kinds of fun while making sure you do not take all the funds from the bank. Take a look at some of our favorite Park City events and activities that are budget-friendly right here in Park City:


Park City Museum

Park City has a rich and fascinating history with mining which is the reason the city was initially established here in Utah. History buffs will want to learn all there is about Park City and its presence in the industry. Make sure to stop by the Park City Museum to learn more about how the city got started and where it is today. Park City Museum can be located on Historic Main Street and is a budget-friendly activity. Admission fees are always extremely well priced and the experience will last you 1-2 hours each visit. Interactive displays will showcase the history of Park City in a manner that all ages can appreciate. Guests will always find the museum to also be well-cleaned and have friendly staff. Don’t miss out on a quick stop here at Park City Museum.


Go Hiking

If you want to enjoy something that is absolutely free you cannot go wrong with a few hours enjoying the hiking trails in Park City. Hiking is always a popular activity, especially during the warmer months of the spring and summer seasons here in the area. Similar to other locations Park City has some hiking trails that are more popular than others. Head over to Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail for a memorable experience. Do not let the name scare you out of this 2.8 round trip trail that has a minimal elevation gain of 465 feet. Bloods Lake is a moderately easy trail and can get crowded during the busier travel seasons of the year. You will be able to get incredible views of the alpine lakes from a great elevation. Lake Lackawaxen has a longer trail but allows your friendly dogs to join you on a leash. Both lakes are connected through the round-trip trail making it a must-see. For a more rigorous trail that can also be used for trail running make sure you head over to Silver Lake Trail. Picturesque cliffs can be seen on all sides of you. Overall, you will find a variety of trails right here in Park City meaning you do not have to head out far to see some beautiful scenery.


Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

If you are not in the mood to explore by foot but still want to see some stunning scenery head out to the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway. This scenic drive features direct views of beautiful creeks, rivers, and lakes, alpine views, and even rich forested areas. Make sure to have your phone ready as you will want to snap as many pics of the drive as possible. The backway is not far outside of Park City and is an absolute must-see during the fall when the leaves start to change colors. The only thing you have to pay for is the gas you use to enjoy the drive!


Park City Ghost Tours

Another incredible part of Park City’s history is the dark side behind ghost encounters. Learn all about how the deep history of Park City has been involved with the paranormal with a Park City Ghost Tour. This local tour company will share with you all of the incredible historical details around the older parts of town. You will be taken on a guided tour throughout Downtown Park City where you will visit haunted locations and hear all about the stories of spooky encounters. The tours are appropriate for all ages and children 16 and under get discount tickets. Make sure to book in groups of 10 or more to have an even bigger discount when booking! Enjoy this spooky yet educational tour only available in Park City.


More Fun to Have in Park City

These budget-friendly activities and Park City events will help you save a bit for even more fun when vacationing in Park City. Make sure to browse our selection of vacation rentals to find a property that fits your budget. Each home is individually owned and offers a unique set of amenities. Book today and get ready for your time in Park City.