When summertime hits, the Park City Farmers’ Market makes its entrance.

Each week you’ll find the Farmers’ Market set up in the parking lot at the base of The Canyons every Wednesday. And this year, we are excited that the Market is celebrating is 15th anniversary this year.

According to Volker Ritzinger, owner, founder and organizer of the Market, says that the event has grown throughout the year. Ritzinger told the Park Record, “When we started off, I was planning to keep this going as long as I could…”

He continues, “”When I started, I wanted to keep it small — in the 50 vendor range. Now, we have … 200 vendors.”

One of the biggest changes that happened over the years occurred in 2008 when the economy took a nosedive. Ritzinger said that prior to that year, only produce and food were allowed at the market. He says that when the economy took a downturn, he opened the market to arts and crafts and other such products. He says that when the economy went downhill he realized that many were having a hard time making the mortgage and other bills. “ So, I opened the market up to them so they could find a way to keep their houses by selling jewelry and whatever they wanted to make.”

Ritzinger says that he likes the idea of change, and that he is constantly open to new ideas. He says that he wants to continue to make the Farmers’ Market better.

As part of the application process, farms that wish to be part of the market receive a visit from Ritzinger. He says that he wants the best food with no GMOs or hybrid production.


Other New Features of the Market

Live music is another addition to the Market. Local musicians such as Rich Wyman and others have made appearances.

Ritzinger also points to Park City Pines, which is a company that will deliver and install pine trees.


The Staples Continue to Satisfy

There are several long-time participants at the Market that have become favorites include the handmade limeade, and the fresh Utah honey.

Each week, the Farmers’ Market offers fresh produce, handcrafted foods, arts and crafts, and so much more. It is a great place to pick up fresh, local ingredients or some local crafts.

At Park City Rental Properties, we are so pleased to have such a large Farmers’ Market that can showcase some of the best of Park City and we invite you to visit it during your stay!