If you are looking for your next outdoor adventure, consider making your way to Park City. While we might be best known for winter vacations where you can find the best skiing and snowboarding in the state of Utah, you will also find our summer seasons to be just as exciting. Once the snow melts and the temperatures have risen, you will be able to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking. The mountains that previously held ski slopes now offer plenty of trailheads to kick start a hiking adventure. If you are new to Park City, you will want to know all there is to jump into hiking in the area. Take a look at our Park City hiking guide and safety tips here:

Make Sure You Are Prepared

When it comes to hiking in Park City you will always want to make sure you are ready for the next trailhead. Our Utah home has a higher elevation and some trails around the ski slopes can feature steep elevation changes. This means having the right gear is a necessity. Luckily, you will find plenty of outdoor gear shops here in the area that will have you prepared in no time. JANS Mountain Outfitters is a local favorite for their impressive selection and top tier customer service. While the shop is busiest during the winter for their ski gear you will also find an equally impressive summer hiking selection too. Pick up the best gear including hiking and trail running shoes, men’s and women’s outdoor apparel, hats, sunscreen, water bottles, and much more. They are practically your one stop shop for anything else outdoor related including fishing, water sports, and more. Also shops in the area also include Mountain High Outfitters and Bahnhof Sport.

Being prepared is more than just having the right gear as well. Make sure to always bring snacks and water with you to say hydrated and fueled. Even on cloudy days you will want to hide from the UVs that come with the higher elevation. Layers are always encouraged to help prevent any sun burns! Now you are prepared for the trails!

Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail

When it comes to finding the best trails here in the area, you will find that Park City has quite a few to choose from. There are many day hikes that will take you just a few short hours to fully complete, allowing you to have time for the rest of your day to explore the city.

One of the most popular trails you will find is Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail. This is a short 2.8-mile round trip hike with a minimal elevation gain of 465 feet. This makes for a perfect trail to those new in the area. This hike will take you past both Bloods Lake and Lake Lackawaxen, beautiful high alpine lakes with gorgeous views. You will begin the hike over at Bloods Lake Trailhead that is extremely easy to get to. This starting area is one of the most popular hikes in the area and can be crowded during the tourist seasons of summer. Get through the initial moderately steep areas before you reach some incredible views of Bloods Lake. The trail will flatten out and have you continue over to Lake Lackawaxen. Up here, you will experience open meadows and scree fields until you reach the lake itself.

When you are at Lake Lackawaxen, you will be able to take the Mountain Trails Foundation to extend your journey that also offers a dog friendly trail. Make sure to bring your swimming and/or picnic gear as swimming is allowed at the lake! This extended hike is perfect for those who want to experience the lakes surrounding Park City during the beautiful summer season!

Silver Lake Trail to Bald Mountain

For a more intermediate trail head on over to Silver Lake Trail that will take you through various peaceful landscapes before taking you up to Bald Mountain. Locals rave about this trail during the summer season when the wildflowers are in full bloom; you can also experience it during the fall as the aspens starting turning a golden hue for a completely different experience. The hike beings over at Silver Lake chairlift before you make your way up the mountain. Once you reach the top of Bald Mountain you will have a panoramic view of everything down below inside Heber Valley. You will not find a more Instagram-worthy spot for pics!

More Hiking Fun in Park City

As you can see, there are quite a few things to know before hiking in Park City, but this Park City hiking guide will help you along the way. Book your favorite vacation rental with us today and come experience Park City for yourself!