Last year, with prodding from our oldest son, we all decided to spend July 4th in Park City.

“We all” means the entire family: an aging couple, their three children, spouses as available, seven grandchildren and the mother in law of our daughter.

We arrived in Salt Lake City and were picked up in big cars/trucks and hauled off to Park City.

The ride through the foothills of the Rockies was fascinating. The weather could not have been better and soon we arrived in town. We settled into several condos in the Snowblaze complex, met wonderful new friends and had a great time even before we completely settled in. Dinner was a quick event as all of us were tired, even the kids. The long flight from the East Coast and the altitude in PC put a damper on their usually ebullient behavior.

Breakfast was a “community affair” as the kids and eventually the adults moved from Condo to Condo to chat have some tea or coffee and move on to the next place. Just a short walk up the slope is an amazing amusement area: not just bar, restaurant and play areas for the little ones, slides down the mountain side, a lift ready to take you for a trip up and up with your feet dangling high up above the ground way down below. And don’t let me forget the Zip line through the forest.

Clean air with a fresh pine scent, and bright sunshine. And above the trees we could see the snow and ice capped mountain tops.

The parade on July 4th was amazing; after all, Park City is not a metropolitan city where a first class parade on that date is expected. What this small city put on the road was marvelous: several bands, acrobats and jugglers, floats with children and adults performing, and the visitors were lounging comfortably on the sidewalks enjoying not only the parade but also a cool beer or two.

After the parade our oldest grandson went to explore the skateboard parks, which are generous in size, well maintained and challenging enough for many of the youngsters.

Mother in Law had such a grand time that after the parade she tripped on the street and managed to brake her ankle, which did not dampen the good spirits of the rest as she was well taken care of at the hospital.

We can’t wait to repeat this trip, though right now our plans will lead us elsewhere.

But as a certain actor said some years ago  “I’ll be back!”

A family affair for EVERYONE!!!!


Beautiful and adventurous even in the Summer.

This moose was not loose…

About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.