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When you’re planning your getaway to Park City, you may be wondering about available transportation services in the area. Rest assured that there are plenty of choices available to get you where you want to go! This Park City travel guide will show you that there are options for every style and budget, from limos to multi-passenger vans, and of course, Uber and Lyft ride sharing.

Airport Park City Transportation

Most visitors arrive at the Salt Lake International Airport, which is just a short 36-minute drive from Park City. You have a few options of Park City transportation for getting to Park City from the airport, namely the transport companies in the airport. These companies offer everything from passenger vans to limousines and everything in between. They have desks at the airport, where you can simply check in and catch your ride to Park City—and it is so easy! There are also rental cars available from many rental companies that offer a full line of different vehicles, including SUVs and cars. Again, these rental companies have desks at the airport for your convenience.

Take the Bus

If you choose not to rent a car as your source of Park City travel guide, you probably won’t feel inconvenienced at all. In fact, you’ll probably find that the free bus system is a terrific option—especially since parking can often be at a premium during certain times. The bus system will take you just about anywhere you want to go, from the resorts to Kimball Junction and plenty of other popular destinations. You’ll find lots of convenient bus stops and transit centers, and a schedule that will let you get to where you want to go quickly. There’s even an app available that will give you all the information you need about the routes and times. There are also local shuttle services that you can take advantage of, whether you want to get to the resorts or to the grocery store.

Taxis and Ride Sharing

There are several taxi companies, along with ride sharing services that are available for in-town transportation. These are truly convenient for short door-to-door trips, especially if you are planning on imbibing and celebrating and just don’t need to drive!

At Park City Rental Properties, we are happy to help you arrange transportation services, whether it is airport transportation or reserving a rental car upon your arrival. We can also help you with bus routes and times. We want to ensure that you get to where you want to go!