With summer coming to a close and fall rolling in, the prime time of ski season is just around the corner! How are you preparing for your favorite time of year? Perhaps you are getting some new gear so you can hit the slopes in style. Or maybe you are researching for the most sought-after locations to find some of the best snow. While these are quality preseason rituals, there is one offseason must that cannot be overlooked. Getting in quality shape for the season is essential in assuring that you have the best experience possible.


Learn About Our Preseason Ski Training Tips

Dry land fitness techniques are a great way to give yourself that edge you need on the slopes. When doing these offseason exercises, it is important to find a good working balance among muscle groups from your legs to your core, shoulders and everything in between. Great fitness for skiers is not necessarily about being able to lift a lot of weight. It is about striking equilibrium between strength, endurance, and balance. This is achieved through deliberate exercises, which target the muscles that will provide all that to you. Because of the heavy emphasis on stamina in skiing, much of the recommended exercises are focused towards lower weight and higher reps.

If you are trying to make the most out of your ski adventure, then you simply must hit the slopes in the best shape possible! This allows for you to go faster and harder for longer while minimizing your risk for injury. Many of you have been skiing long enough to know that there is risk involved and it is not uncommon for skiers to sustain minor to very severe injuries. Prevention of this type of thing starts right now in the offseason, and while no one is immune to a ski injury, the best prepared are the best off when it comes time to tear it up. Whether you are skiing some of the most intense runs you can find or making your name on the bunny hill, the skier who puts in more work in the offseason will get more out of their experience. Don’t wait all year until you are out on those slopes to work on your skiing, start working today and make the most out of that trip.


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