Park City is one of the best places you can visit as a solo traveler. This city is world famous, beautiful in every season, and positively full of activities that any solo traveler can enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite Park City activities:

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Try Dog Sledding

What’s more to say? In Park City, you can try the age-old sport of dog sledding. This is a great sport to do on your own, because you’re not really on your own at all! You’ll have the unique experience of exploring the snowy scenery with a whole pack of sled dogs cheerily leading the way.

Visit Kimball Art Center

Art galleries are great places to visit alone, since you can set the pace and enjoy everything there is to see for however long you desire. Explore free exhibitions of artwork, purchase artwork if you wish, and participate in various art classes. There are even studios available to use at the Kimball Art Center, so if you like to make art, this is a place where you can utilize a wide variety of art equipment.

Painting & Wine

If you do like art, then you’ll definitely want to give this activity a try. At the Paint Mixer on Main Street, you can have fun in a casual social setting where you’ll get to paint on a canvas and drink wine at the same time.

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Stroll Down Main Street

Since you’re already visiting Main Street for The Paint Mixer, you should spend the day there. Historical Main Street is one of the biggest landmarks in Park City, and everyone should spend the day there at least once while they’re in town. You’ll find everything here from shops to restaurants to theatres and more, all tied together with that mountain town architecture that defines the aesthetic of Park City.

Go Snow Biking

This is a unique sport that you can participate in during the snowy months. With a fat-tire bike, you’ll easily glide over the top of the snow that covers Park City’s miles and miles of bike trails. During the warmer months, these trails are lush and green, and during the winter, they sparkle with snowfall. Don’t worry about bringing a bike with you; you can rent one right here in Park City.

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Spend Your Stay with Park City Vacation Rentals and Park City Activities

Park City is the solo traveler’s dream. Get started on your planning today by heading over to our catalog and taking advantage of our custom search filters to find the vacation rental home that’s perfect for you. Your Park City solo trip is just a few clicks away!