Generally, we only tend to write about the fun things to do and the delicious places to eat while visiting Park City. We love our guests, and it makes us happy to see them having a good time. But every so often, something comes up that is dear to our hearts and we just can’t keep it to ourselves; Live PC Give PC is one of those things. Every year in November, we in Park City set aside 24 hours for giving to those who are less fortunate or to those who are dedicated to preservation of our national resources.

You Don’t Have to Wait for the Live PC Give PC on November 9th

At this time, there are six different charities available, but you can perform an online search to find one that is closer to your heart if the ones you see don’t make you happy. Current charities include the following: Park City Community Foundation with the proceeds going to the people of Park City who need it most; the Summit Land Conservancy, a NPO dedicated to the preservation of Osguthorpe Farm; and Save Our Canyons, a charity that works their hardest to keep our canyons safe for today’s and future generations.

The remaining three NPO’s you can donate to during this worthy campaign include the South Summit Trails Foundation, Summit Community Gardens, and our personal favorite, Tennyson. Tennyson is actually not a charity, but a young boy who has dedicated his life to helping others; he has donated the money in his piggy bank, his earnings from the tooth fairy, and works side jobs for the neighbors to earn more for the cause that is dear to his heart, and when you press the donate button on his page, your dollars will go to the Summit Land Conservancy.

The Live PC Give PC event asks for a minimum $5 donation but hopes that you will give much more. If you’re in town during this worthy event, or other Park City events, why not join the celebration party held at the High West Saloon later that night? Admission is free, but there will be a cash bar for those who have reached the drinking age!

Even if you aren’t in the city on November 9th (although we hope you are!), you can donate online at website is open now, so if you’re worried you will forget, donate now instead of waiting till the last moment or missing out on this year’s opportunity altogether.

It Feels Good to Do Good

As you look around your Park City Vacation Rentals luxury home, the warm feeling you have in heart will be in part due to your giving nature and in part due to the beauty of your surroundings. Reserve yours today, and enjoy this and other Park City events!