When someone mentions Park City, most people usually think of this city in Utah as a winter vacation paradise, where skiing and snowboarding is always on the itinerary. Though this may be true during the cold winter months, this mountain city merits attention throughout the year. If you arrive in the winter with the family, at Park City Vacation Rentals, we provide a wide variety of accommodations in locations such as Deer Valley, Kimball Junction, and within the Canyons. In addition to the superb family friendly Park City attractions, our homes provide their own brand of entertainment that will help ensure your journey is as fun as it is memorable!

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In the winter, temperatures in this mountainous region plunge to below freezing; however, with one of our luxurious vacation rentals, you and your family have access to a chalet-like getaway, complete with a cozy fireplace and comfortable furnishings. As you escape the wind, snow and cold temperatures outside, this becomes the perfect opportunity to spend time with the family inside. In addition to stylish and cozy furnishings, the kitchen area provides ample room to prepare a home-cooked meal before the festivities; the dining table also serves as a great place to play board or card games! In terms of electronic entertainment, you can enjoy all of your favorite streaming services on one of the smart TVs, together cuddled with the entire family on the couch away from the elements.

Some of our properties at Park City Vacation Rentals offer different types of old-fashioned board games for all ages, and some accommodations have outdoor putting greens, ping pong tables, propane grills, and of course, an all-important hot tub for fighting off the chill in your bones. In fact, after a long day on the slopes, one of the best things about a vacation in the mountains covered with snow is when you have the opportunity to slip into the steamy, invigorating hot tub that soothes both body and soul.

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Even if you arrive in the when the temperature is higher, the wealth of activities never ceases, as the snow disappears and exhibits the grandeur that is Park City during the summer. Additionally, the summer season is when guests will also find a massive lineup of different cultural events. Simply stated, any time of the year is a great time to visit Park City, especially when you have the family in one of the amazing properties at Park City Vacation Rentals!

Ok, so here you are in gorgeous Park City! You’ve been shushing the slopes and it’s been so much fun. But now you and your kids may be looking for something different to do. Park City has some wonderful kid-friendly activities when you want to get away from the mountains. Here are five of our favorite kid friendly activities for both summer and winter.

No. 1 — Jupiter Bowl

This is a great family friendly establishment with plenty of kid-friendly activities. Of course, there’s the bowling, but there’s also lots of games and fun activities. Adults and kids alike will love the menu that is full of favorites, and the adults will love the signature cocktail selection.

No. 2 — Utah Olympic Park

Come out and discover this 2002 Winter Games site! You’ll find great activities such as ziplines, a ropes course, and even bobsled rides. Explore the museums and learn about the rich area history. You may even be able to catch some Olympic athletes in training.

No. 3 — Gorgoza Park

While this is another winter sliding sport, the thrills are different. You’ll be taken up the mountain by a rope tow sitting on a specially designed tube. At the top, you will then shush down the hill in breath-taking fashion. Don’t miss the mini snowmobiles for even more thrills. And the young will love Fort Frosty with its tubing carousel and other exciting snow features that will be a hit for those from 1 to 6 years old.

No. 4 —Museums and Art Centers

Both the Park City Museum and the Kimball Art Center are great places to spend the afternoon. The Museum offers a look into Park City’s rich history and the kids will love the interactive displays. The Kimball Art Center will bring art to life with its many different exhibits.

No. 5 — Festivals and Events with Kid Friendly Activities

Throughout the year, especially in the summer months, you can enjoy tons of great events. For instance, come out and enjoy the silliness that is Park Silly Sunday Market, filled with fun, food, and frivolity. Of course, there’s the annual Kimball Arts Festival that will bring art and more to light for the whole family.

At Park City Rental Properties, we have plenty of other great activities and events we can suggest for the whole family. Just ask one of our friendly concierge staff members for suggestions!