There is no time or place quite like wintertime in Park City. At the beginning of 2020 we’ll be in the full swing of winter, which is when Park City truly shines. Not only will you get to enjoy the simple and quiet beauty of the season, but you’ll also get to enjoy these exciting, upcoming events with Park City homes for rent.

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Sundance Film Festival

Jan 23 – Feb 2, 2020
Sheraton Park City
1895 Sidewinder Dr, Park City, UT

The Sundance Film Festival is so prolific that its inclusion on this list almost feels silly. We all know Sundance! This festival is known all around the globe for launching films that would later receive wild success and critical acclaim. This festival is an event that all film lovers should aspire to attend at least once in their lifetime, so this year come and join us for a week and a half of unforgettable cinema. This is the premier gathering for storytellers, and not only that, but there will be panels, talks, and even live performances.

The Delfonics

Sat, Feb 29, 8 PM
Egyptian Theatre
328 Main St, Park City, UT

Spend Leap Day doing something fun. The calendar has given us an extra day in the year to let loose, so head down to the Egyptian Theatre on Main Street to see The Delfonics in action. This is an American R&B/soul group all the way from Philadelphia. They were most popular in the 60s and 70s, and they’re back for another go. Enjoy the music and let yourself feel nostalgic for days gone by. The Egyptian Theatre itself is a historic home for live performances here in town and is a vital part of Park City’s rich history.

Andrew Wiscombe

Thu, Feb 20, 7:30 PM
Silver Star Cafe
1825 Three Kings Dr, Park City, UT

Andrew Wisbome self-describes himself as having “found his calling.” He’s a former punk rocker who’s changed up his style to form a one-man-band. He’s also a street musician with a rugged and rustic charm, and he’ll capture your heart at the Silver Star Cafe on February 20th. Take advantage of the venue too! With options on the dinner menu like Seed-Crusted Mahi Mahi or Cocoa Nib-Crusted Duck Meatloaf, you really can’t go wrong. Save some room for the Honey-Pistachio Pudding; it’s the best dessert around.

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Make Park City Homes for Rent Your Biggest Event

Let us help make your rental home one of the biggest events of the vacation. A great rental home can take a vacation to the next level. Head over to our catalog today to take a look at the rentals we have to offer for the beginning of the new year.

Are you ready to get started on choosing your Park City home for rent? One of the most important factors to account for is the size of the group you’re bringing along with you. We have a wide array of choices when it comes to size, from rentals suited to couples all the way to rentals that can fit large families. Allow us to break it down and walk you through it:

1 Bedroom

If you’re coming on your own, whether you’re just here to ski or you’ve come from across the world for the Sundance Film Festival, one of our 1-bedroom rentals such as the Snowcrest 112 is the perfect size for you. These cozy-yet-spacious rentals are also great for couples, or even for couples with one or two kids, because they comfortably accommodate up to four guests.

2 Bedrooms

If you want to give your kids a little more space, which is especially important if you’ll be staying with us for a while, take a look at our 2-bedroom rental homes, such as the newly constructed Blackstone Escape. 2-bedroom rentals are also great for the working couple who are coming to stay with us long-term and would like to carve out a comfortable working space at home while here in town.

3 and 4 Bedrooms

You’d be surprised how big the difference can feel between a 2-bedroom rental and a 3-bedroom rental, especially when you have a couple of hyper kids excited about their first time skiing! Give them a little extra space to run around in with our 3-bedroom rentals, such as the newly constructed Juniper Landing.

5, 6, 7, and even 8 Bedrooms!

Don’t let your dreams remain dreams. Go all out and choose the luxury rental of your heart’s desire. In one of our larger rentals, you’ll have enough space to do just about anything. Give each kid their own room, claim one for yourself as a temporary Zen space or home office, and name one the game room. These are perfect for long stays in Park City, because everyone will be able to spread out during downtime and recharge in the serene setting, enjoying the height of luxury in one of the loveliest ski towns in the world.

Find Your Park City Home For Rent

No matter who you’re bringing along to Park City this year, you’ll want the Park City Vacation Rentals home most suited to you so that your stay is comfortable, fun, and feels like home. Take a look at our catalog and give us a call today at (888) 508-9661 or (435) 571-0024 to get started.