As we enter the dog days of summer, things are made more bearable knowing that fall is just around the corner, and the signs are everywhere we turn: in the hint of coolness as the sun falls over Park City each night, the signs announcing that Pumpkin Spice everything is coming soon, and the Miner’s Day Parade & Celebration that will be taking place on September 3rd this year according to the Park City Utah Event Calendar. Fall is coming, and our Park City Vacation Rentals guests will enjoy the fun and games that take place at this unique celebration when they time their vacations to say farewell to summer and hello to the Miner’s Day Parade Park City.

What Better Time to Honor the Miners Than with the Miner’s Day Parade Park City?

Today, Park City is an elegant enclave of style and class, but it wasn’t always this way; quiet, peaceful, and home to great lodes of silver, it was the silver miners who came to the mountains to find their fortunes, leaving their families behind and in many cases, sacrificing everything—including their lives—for the hope of fortune. Some miners prevailed, including the father of famed newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, but many did not. Our Miner’s Day Parade and Celebration honors both the fortunate and the unlucky souls who are responsible for the incorporation of our beloved town.

The day starts with a Miner’s Day Breakfast held at City Park from 7:30 to 9 AM, costing only $5 per person. Serving pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and other delicious breakfast foods, your day of celebration will start out the right way! Don’t eat too much, however, if you want to participate in the Bark City 5K run that begins immediately after breakfast. Dogs are welcome in this event, hence the name! If you’re thinking of joining in the fun, adults cost $25 per person, and children under 18 only have to pay $15; the pups and kids in strollers are free!

A fun fundraising event comes up next, the Running of the Balls. Based on the running of the bulls in Pamplona, but with less chance of being trampled or gored, you pay $5 per numbered yellow golf ball, which are then released into the streets, with the first ones reaching the chutes at the end winning “major prizes!”

As the days progresses, participants can take part in the Cookout in the Park, Mucking & Drilling, the Skateboard Bowl Jam, and of course, starting at 11AM, the Miner’s Day Parade Park City. So much fun is jampacked into just over 10 hours, we think you’ll be happy to head back to your Park City Vacation Rentals luxury abode for some rest, relaxation, and a long and peaceful night’s sleep! But make sure to add this event to your Park City Utah Event Calendar!

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