Nestled in up in the Wasatch Range and framed by rugged, often snow-capped peaks, our lovely mountain town of Park City has a wealth of natural scenery to be enjoyed any time of year. From thrilling gondola rides above the pine tops, to a waterfall unlike you’ve ever seen before, here are some of the best places to see in Park City that can be enjoyed during any season!


Soar Above the Mountains in a Scenic Lift or Gondola Ride

Imagine floating along the side of the mountain, a vast blanket of snow and pines stretching for as far as the eye can see, or green summer fields dotted with wildflowers. You can experience this exciting journey during any season, and you have quite a few options to choose from! For those unafraid of drifting along in the open air, the Town Lift on Main Street is a must-try and will take you up to the upper mountains to Park City Mountain Resort, where you can access other lifts such as the PayDay Lift. In winter, it’ll allow you to reach the best of skiing trails, and in summer you can access the Mid-Mountain trail and a number of other alpine activities. For those wishing to have an enclosed scenic ride, the Red Pine Gondola departs from the resort’s Canyon Village, and offers a ride up to 8,000 feet, where you can explore the mountain terrain or have a bit to eat at The Red Pine Café. You can find the Town Lift at 825 Main St, Park City, UT 84060.


Take a Hike or Snowshoe to Donut Falls

This unique waterfall is a special natural sight and one of the most beautiful places to see in Park City, and instead of gushing over a cliffside, it descends downward through a hole in the top of a cave. It was formed after hundreds of years of water eroding the rock bed until a portion of it collapsed, giving birth to the donut shaped hole that gives the falls its name. The hike to Donut Falls is easy and popular in the summer, and in the winter can make for an adventurous snowshoe expedition. From town, take the 244 S to Guardsmans Pass and Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Make a left when you reach the exit FR019, and continue on to the trailhead from there.


Explore Places to See in Park City with the Historic Rail Trail

This one-of-a-kind state park is almost 30 miles long, and runs along an abandoned Union Pacific railroad line, offering up views of stretching snow-covered mountains in the winter, and lush greens and wildflowers in the spring and summer. There are several ways to explore during any season, whether its cross-country skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the spring or summer, or horseback riding in the fall. You can access the Poison Creek trailhead off of Bonanza Drive just off Deer Valley Dr in Park City.

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We can all agree that Park City requires more than three days to enjoy all its beauty and attractions. But if all you have is one long weekend,you can still make the most of that short visit and enjoy as many activities as you can. This is easy if you plan your vacation well ahead of time. Our guide will help you choose the best of Park City activities and attractions that suit you and cram them into three days of fun.


Alpine Coaster

We start right off with an exciting adventure. Head over to Park City Mountain Resort on Lowell Avenue where the Alpine Coaster will be waiting to take you on a thrill ride. It can reach 30 miles per hour on its elevated tracks. It’s also the largest coaster of its kind in Utah. Along the way, you meet curves, bends, and bumps which the coaster zips through at high speed. It’s enough to make you feel alive and get your heart pumping in your chest. If it’s too fast for you, you can always use brakes and bring the speed of the coaster down a notch.


Park City Museum

Museums serve as more than a display of some interesting exhibits. As in the case of this local museum, it’s the archive of the history of the city. It preserves its history and educates people about their past. Amazing artifacts and interactive exhibits will wait for you to educate and add some entertainment to your day. Mega Mine and the Days of Ore, The Dungeon: Park City’s Territorial Jail, The Great Fire of 1898, Muckers & Millionaires are some of the permanent exhibits in the museum.


Swaner Preserve and Eco Center

If you like nature preserves, then this one in Snyderville Basin near Park City will be of interest to you. It’s a wildlife refuge that spans over 1,200 acres and holds besides the flora and fauna some hiking trails that attract people from all over the state. There’s also a farm and an education center as part of the preserve.


Red Pine Adventures

More adventure awaits you at Red Pine Adventure. If you go during the winter months, you’ll have a chance to enjoy snowmobiling. During the summer it’s horseback riding for you. Either way, you get to explore the amazing mountain ranges.


The Best of Park City

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A vacation getaway to Park City will be full of wonder and excitement. Whether you go in the winter months to enjoy exhilarating winter sports or during the summer for the cool weather and outdoor activities like hiking, you will find something to enjoy. Park City is also home to many incredible attractions that cannot be missed during your next stop through. Here are the best Park City attractions not to miss.


Historic Main Street

Enjoy some downtime during your Park City getaway and take a stroll through the Historic Main Street. Park City keeps its mining town roots in this historic block by preserving western heritage in the various boutiques and restaurants. If you want to keep exploring the history of Park City, take a stop in at the Park City Museum that is located midway through Main Street. You will find exhibits that detail the rich history of this historic city. The Park City Museum charges only $10 admission for adults and $5 for children under 17.

The unique boutiques are the perfect place to stop by for souvenirs from your travels, and the various restaurants feature all sorts of cuisines that are sure to keep your hunger at bay. Exploring Historic Main Street is a simple and free attraction to check out in Park City.


Utah Olympic Park

Park City was the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and still retains the official training site for the many athletes who participated. You and your family can check out the Utah Olympic Park and it’s many attractions for free. Inside, you will find the Alf Engen Ski Museum, the Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum, hiking trails, and more. Guests can also experience some of the winter sport activities such as a bobsled ride, rope climbing, and a one-hour tour around the Nordic ski jumps; these additional experiences have individual fees for guests.


Guardsman Pass

Drive up to the Wasatch Mountain range and experience the incredible views along the Guardsman Pass. This scenic drive is worth the trip out of town and is a free attraction for you and your family to enjoy together. Numerous hiking trails are spread out around the area, giving you picture-perfect moments to documents your travels with.


Choosing Your Lodging

When booking your next Park City vacation, make sure to contact one of our rental experts to help you find the perfect lodging. Our luxury vacation rentals are just a short drive away from all of the exciting activities in Park City, including these not to be missed Park City attractions!