It is time to finally put 2020 behind us and look forward to a much brighter year. Make the most of your upcoming 2021 plans by booking a New Year’s getaway to Park City. The winter season is always a favorite time of year to visit Park City, and it will be even more special this year. Take a look at what you can enjoy for New Year’s in Park City:


New Year’s in Park City

Unfortunately, many of the yearly events here in Park City have either been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. Luckily, the area still has plenty to offer to allow you to ring in 2021 in your own unique way.

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Hit Up Park City Mountain

You cannot visit Park City during the winter season without spending some time on the slopes. Park City Mountain offers some of the best winter sports in the entire state of Utah. Park City Mountain continues to be fully operational for the 2020/2021 winter season. The mountain features a variety of trails from simple bunny hills to black diamond slopes. If you are inexperienced you can easily join an introductory class that will show you the ropes. The onsite gear store also offers everything from state-of-the-art equipment to all kinds of rental gear. Don’t miss an opportunity to join the pros who all started on Park City Mountain!

Explore Historic Main Street

When you are not grinding down the slopes of Park City Mountain, you can easily spend your time exploring Historic Main Street. This historic neighborhood offers a variety of unique shops to browse. Catch up on your ski and mining history with a visit to Park City Museum or go look at all of the unique displays of art in the many art galleries on Main Street. Award-winning restaurants continue to provide dine-in and to-go services for any cravings you have. You can easily spend hours on Historic Main Street in between your New Year’s activities.

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Explore the Tundra with a Dog Sledding Ride

There is no better way to explore the winter wilderness surrounding Park City than with a pack of loveable huskies. Several different dog sledding companies are available in Park City for you to enjoy. Each pack of dogs is professionally raised from birth to provide these unique experiences to you. Book a dog sled ride with Luna Lobos Dog Sledding or All Seasons Adventures. And yes, you can pet the pups after your thrilling adventure in the snow!

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Another relaxing way to explore Park City is by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. These enjoyable activities are best spent around the time of New Year’s with several different companies available to choose from. You can schedule a private tour of the area or rent your own equipment to take out on the snow. You can’t go wrong when booking with All Seasons Adventures or Destination Sports and Adventures. Don’t forget to dress warm, as these activities can take a few hours to complete!

Try Out Fly Fishing

Another exciting activity that is still available during the winter season is fly fishing. All of you anglers can hit the local river and try your best to reel up a trophy-sized catch. Beginners can still have a blast as well when they partner with Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing or Still Water Fly Fishing. Professional anglers will take you out to the best fishing spots and show you all the tricks. Park City does an incredible job at making sure the local watering holes have a healthy supply of fish. If you need to get your own gear you cannot go wrong with a stop in Park City Outfitters or Trout Bum 2 Fly Shop for rental equipment and more.

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Park City Is Waiting for You

As you can see, there are plenty of activities to help bring in the new year in Park City. Our vacation rentals offer luxury amenities, including select homes with ski-in/ski-out access for all of you winter sports lovers out there. Book your rental today and get ready for New Year’s in Park City!

If you are looking for the top winter destination this year, there is nowhere better than Park City. Thousands of visitors make the trek to Park City each year to enjoy everything it has to offer. From the best winter sports in Utah to a variety of other winter activities, there is something for everyone in Park City. This is especially true for those who visit for the holidays. You will get to experience a true winter wonderland, as Park City is covered in snow for every Christmas holiday. Take a look below at what your Christmas in Park City can look like:

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Go See the Snow Globes

Park City has so many things that are unique to the city and are loved by all of its residents. The annual snow globes found in the Historic Park City neighborhood are one such attraction. These cute, life-sized snow globes are located all through the downtown area. Each one showcases something different about what everyone loves about Park City. Walk and interact with them and try to track them all down; there is a total of nine snow globes for 2020. The 2020 Snow Globe Stroll starts November 28th and runs until January 3rd.


See the Holiday Lights

Another exciting activity to enjoy while exploring the Historic Main Street is seeing all of the incredible Christmas decorations on display. Local businesses and buildings light up with beautiful Christmas lights that decorate the night sky. Walk around with loved ones as you sip on a mug of hot chocolate!


Take on Park City Mountain

If you did not know already Park City is home to one of the best mountains in the entire state for skiing and snowboarding. Park City Mountain is home to a variety of ski resorts where you can enjoy outdoor activities from sunrise to sundown. Park City Mountain is iconic now after the city hosted the Winter Olympics and having the world see how incredible winter sports can be here. Take on the mountain yourself during your stay over the holidays. Park City Mountain features many different trails of various experience levels. Beginners can sign up for introductory classes to help them find their footing. Once you are feeling more comfortable, take the ski lifts further up the mountain for more adventurous trails. Many visit Park City Mountain without their own ski equipment. Simply visit the onsite shop where you can purchase and rent the top gear around. Everything from skis, boards, boots, bindings, and snow gear can all be found here. You and your family will have an absolute blast with this incredible skiing mountain!


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Explore the Snowy Wilderness

Park City is surrounded by beautiful terrain that is begging to be explored. Go out and see everything yourself with one of many different outdoor activities. Active hikers may want to pick up some cross country skis and explore the snowy tundra. This is a great way to see everything on foot and at your own convenience. Or book a dog sled run with one of the many dog sledding companies in the area. These husky companions will take you and a loved on a thrilling ride through the forest; they will also be wanting some scratches behind the ear after you’re done too! The more adventurous types may satisfy the need for speed by renting a snowmobile or snow bike. Last but certainly not least, pick up a tube in town and go snow tubing down local hills. There is a near endless variety to how you can enjoy the snowy season in Park City!


Our Incredible Vacation Rentals

You can have plenty of fun in the snow this Christmas holiday, but if you are staying in less than ideal lodging, you may not be getting the vacation you deserve. Our vacation rentals across Park City are some of the best the city has to offer. Luxury amenities await you inside each privately owned home. Enjoy gourmet kitchens, stainless steel appliances, flat screen TVs, pool/hot tub access, and even ski-in/ski-out access to and from Park City Mountain. Full-sized bedrooms and bathrooms provide more than enough space to relax in. The living areas feature open floor plans so you will not feel squished inside a small room. Our vacation rentals will make sure your holiday trip to Park City will be one to remember for years to come.


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The Best for Christmas in Park City

Take your family to the winter wonderland they deserve this holiday season by choosing Park City for your Christmas plans. Act quick as our popular holiday rentals book up fast for the popular winter season. Enjoy incredible amenities and be just steps away from everything that makes Park City so great.

When the leaves start turning that bright shade of yellow and red and the temperatures quickly drop, we know that the holiday season is right around the corner. 2020 has been an awfully long year with a health pandemic and so much more going on in the world. Now is the time to get a break you deserve and plan ahead for the holidays. Specifically, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and Park City is the perfect place to be. That’s right, our vacation home is the prime destination for all things Thanksgiving related. Our selection of luxury vacation homes will be available and ready to host your Thanksgiving celebration. Here is how you can enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving in Park City:

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All Sizes of Vacation Rentals

If you have stayed in our vacation rentals before, you understand that they are second to none. That’s right, our private home rentals cannot be topped even by local hotels and resorts. These rentals are the perfect place to host your family’s Thanksgiving celebration away from home. Choose from small one- or two-bedroom condominiums up to large properties. These larger homes have plenty of bedrooms and spaces for everyone to sleep in the same home. Best of all, you will get to skip all the crowds at local resorts especially when a health pandemic has not completely disappeared yet. Enjoy a variety of amenities in these homes such as fresh linens and spacious rooms. You can relax in peace with your favorite television show on the flat screen TV or looking out at the beautiful Park City landscape from the patio deck.


Plenty of Room to Cook Up a Feast

There is nothing better during the Thanksgiving holiday than indulging on a homemade feast. We encourage all of our guests to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way by whipping up your own feast. The gourmet kitchens have plenty of room where you can cook anything from a baked turkey, mashed potatoes, and even the dessert too. Expect to find modern appliances with plenty of room and enough utensils and dishware for the whole family. Once everything has been prepared make sure to set up the dining room areas to settle in for your meal. You will feel right at home while enjoying a break from tradition with our luxury vacation rentals.


Local Restaurants for a Curbside Thanksgiving

If you want to break the tradition even further, you can check out one of the many incredible restaurants found around Park City. COVID may have stalled dine-in services, but our local restaurants continue to keep on kicking. Many restaurants, including fine dining establishments that previously did not offer takeout, now provide the opportunity to enjoy their food on the go. Order a delicious meal from local favorites such as Grub Steak Park City or Flanagan’s on Main. The restaurant prepares each meal so that you can enjoy it in the safety of your vacation rental. Now that is some good eatin’.


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Thanksgiving Activities in the Area

While COVID may have restricted large events with which Park City usually celebrates Thanksgiving, you will still find plenty to enjoy during your stay. Take part in a variety of activities that can be best enjoy here. The snowfall typically starts in mid-November, allowing residents and visitors to take part in our famous skiing activities. Many of our Park City vacation rentals are just steps away from some of the best slopes in the state; many of these rentals even offer ski-in/ski-out amenities so you can hit the slopes whenever you want. Let the local gear shops supply you with all the gear you need. Most skiers where a mask when going down the mountain so you can put all those facemasks to good use! If skiing and snowboarding are not your specialty you can find plenty else to do. Check out one of the local farmers markets where you will find all the fresh produce you need for your Thanksgiving feast. When not frozen, the local rivers offer some incredible fishing conditions letting you reel up a huge catch. Many of the local wineries and distilleries will let you find the perfect adult beverage to pair with your holiday meal. All of these activities can easily be done while maintaining social distancing so you can keep safe.

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Thanksgiving in Park City Is Almost Here

As you can see, there is so much you can enjoy when picking one of our vacation rentals for Thanksgiving in Park City. Get a start on the planning by reserving one of our properties today. As shown, you will have plenty of room to cook up a feast and enjoy a variety of amenities found nowhere else. Let Park City be your home away from home this holiday season.

Park City, Utah is one of the most popular ski regions in the entire United States. Located approximately 32 miles southeast of the capital, Salt Lake City, it is known for winter sports, ski resorts, and the renowned Sundance Film Festival. The two major resorts include Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort, in which the latter is the largest ski region in the U.S. Both receive thousands of visitors each year; however, it is a rare treat to ski on the Easter holiday or any time during the month of April. This mountain town with a population of nearly 9,000 people offers plenty of excitement during other seasons as well, especially spring and summer when the foliage blooms on the hillsides. If you happen to be visiting for Easter in Park City, check out some of the things you can do below!

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Mountain Brunch

Like most cities in America celebrating the Easter holiday, the day typically begins with some coffee and attendance at a church service. To get that coffee, there is no shortage of coffee shops located along Main Street. Try Java Cow Coffee & Ice Cream or the Pink Elephant Coffee Shop; both offer additional goodies such as homemade pastries and drinks such as Thai Tea and kombucha. When the time for breakfast/brunch arrives, Park City does not disappoint. In fact, this small town offers a wide range of restaurants, from casual establishments to fine dining restaurants.

If you have the chance to make a reservation for breakfast, Harvest comes highly recommended by locals. With items such as Toasted Paleo Banana Bread, Smashed Avocado on Sourdough and the Buddha Bowl of Goodness, it is easy to see why with the line of diners out the door. For more of an upscale brunch, Bartolo’s prepares excellent meals fit for a king or queen. Try the savory veggie waffle, the massive Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake or the Smoked Trout Eggs Benedict. Each one features locally sourced ingredients, and when you add an order of potato wedges alongside a piquant bacon aioli, Easter brunch does not get any better than this. The award-winning Tupelo Park City restaurant highlights the bounty of Utah, from the locally sourced vegetables to the impeccable service. Everything from start to finish here will undoubtedly impress everyone. The Smoked Rainbow Trout Toast and the Local Burrata are two dishes that merit a visit to Tupelo any day of the week.

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Easter Attractions

After brunch, explore the town along Main Street, where you can shop local and stretch the legs to burn off some calories. If time permits and you wish to find out more about Park City, visit the local museum that recounts tales about the origins of the town and its mining history. The Park City Museum also functions as a visitor center, so if you have any questions or need any tips, feel free to inquire with the friendly folk inside. For a Sunday drive, take the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway to witness firsthand the grandeur that is the Wasatch Mountain Range. The Kimball Art Center offers more educational and cultural attractions, and if you have the kids in tow, the center provides classes in painting, drawing, animation, photography and other types of visual arts.

If you seek to explore the backcountry from a bicycle, many people consider Park City to be one of the best places to mountain bike in the entire country. Moreover, Park City provides many outfitters in town that will have all the gear you need, including bike rentals. If you feel so inclined, a day trip to nearby Salt Lake City is always an exciting adventure, especially when the weather allows unfettered views of both the front range of the Wasatch Mountains as well as the back range.

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Bars & Pubs

Park City has a wide range of establishments that serve exceptional handcrafted cocktails and craft beers that hold their own with any others around the U.S. Stay on Main Street and visit some of the pubs and bars, because you never know what you might find. For those who prefer something stronger than beer, the High West Distillery and Saloon is a great spot! Some of their popular spirits include the American Prairie Bourbon, with notes of sweet honey nougat, or the spicy Double Rye! which offers hints of anise and mint. They also feature seasonal releases, so a trip to High West is always a new experience. No Name Saloon is another great spot, with a friendly atmosphere that even includes outdoor shuffleboard and an upstairs patio.

Plan an exciting vacation to Park City for Easter with the help of Park City Rental Properties! Call us today for more information about our rentals, or to learn more about our cozy town in Utah.

Park City—once a famous silver mining town—is now a world-class mountain resort community. We even hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics here! The fun here goes year-round, but as a city most well known as an avenue for skiing and snowboarding, a Park City vacation is wonderful during the holiday season.


Holiday Magic

When you try to imagine what kind of city would provide the most magical, postcard, picturesque holiday, the city you’re picturing is Park City. As a quaint mountain town nestled snugly in the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range, Park City welcomes winter into its arms like a good luck charm. Stroll the city streets at night and soak in the twinkling lights, get into snowball fights on brisk sunny mornings, and bundle up by the fireplace in your rental home in the evenings with some well-earned hot cocoa.


Get Your Winter Kicks

This is the prime time of year for all of our favorite activities and adventures in Park City. Hit the slopes! If skiing is what you’re most excited about this year, pick out a rental home with ski-in/ski-out access for a truly unique experience. There’s no better way to feel at home in Park City, or closer to the mountains. Don’t stop at skiing, though. There are countless other activities calling your name, like snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, snowshoeing, and even dogsledding.


There’s Always Something to Do on Your Park City Vacation

From the Annual Torchlight Parade in December to the New Year’s Eve fireworks and celebrations, the winter season is never short on activities. Check out Kimball Art Center and McMillen Fine Art Photo Gallery, then grab some delicious chocolates, last-minute gifts, and a tranquil moment in Dolly’s Bookstore. Here in Park City, the architecture itself is woven with the nostalgic feeling we all love to revel in during the holidays. There’s always just a little more magic around every corner. Try to time your visit for the annual tree lighting if you want to give your family a truly magical moment to remember the end of the year by.


The Perfect Place to Rest Your Head at Night

Park City is a wondrous vacation spot not only for its beautiful geography and for the adventures awaiting you at every turn, but also for our unbeatable hospitality. Here at Park City Vacation Rentals we aim to make you feel at home while you’re in town. Get in touch with us at (888) 508-9661 or (435) 571-0024 to book one of our properties for your Park City vacation!

It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a folksy magic in July 4th that sweeps everyone off their feet. Well, this year, prepare for an Independence Day that will go one step further, and knock your socks clean off! 2019 4th of July in Park City celebrations are going to be wholly traditional and full of fun for your entire family, young and old alike.


Morning Madness

Power up for a long day of merrymaking with a delicious pancake breakfast at 7am down at City Park. Then proceed to immediately work off those calories by tying your shoelaces and participating in the Cole Sport 5K Fun Run. The race starts at 8am, so work up some appetite and excitement for the day ahead, while also benefitting the Park City Ski Team, the town’s Olympic hopefuls!


Family Fun

Don’t miss the traditional 4th of July in Park City Parade down Main Street! This starts right at 11am, and you’ll want to get there early to cop those front row seats. (Parking is limited, so it’s better to bike or walk to this historic area.) Everyone can enjoy the excitement of a loud and proud parade marching down the street, spilling over with happy families and spectators.

Head on back to City Park at noon for a barbecue lunch and other refreshments, and perhaps watch the volleyball tournament or one of the scheduled rugby games! Live music will play all day, and kids will have lots of activities to take part in too. As dusk falls, ready yourself for the city fireworks show, the finale that brings an epic day to a fantastic end.



For a slightly different way to celebrate, think of hitting up the Oakley Rodeo, located close to Park City at the Oakley Recreation Center. They put on a full four-day event, stretching Independence Day into Independence Week, from July 3rd to July 6th. You can watch fireworks each evening at 8pm here, after a rip-roarin’ rodeo show. July 4th even includes the Junior Rodeo, in case any of the kids want to try their hand at this rural past time!


4th of July in Park City

Make it a great July 4th this year by spending it in Park City. This is a real blast from the past, with all the quaint activities and old-school fun that forms the backbone of America’s pastoral culture. The Independence Day 2019 festivities here are sure to wow everyone in your party, from sunup to sundown! Contact Park City Rental Properties today to book your stay and enjoy 4th of July in Utah!