No matter what season you plan your vacation to Park City, Utah, you and your family can find a variety of outdoor activities that will help keep you in shape and active during your relaxing trip. Park City is known for some of the best ski slopes in the state of Utah, with various trails that range in difficulty so anyone can enjoy them. Here are five activities you should consider during your next Park City vacation that will keep you active.



As mentioned previously, skiing in Park City is one of the best outdoor activities due to the various slopes around the valley. If you are new to the sport you can enjoy the “green” or beginner slopes to further practice. Once you have developed into a proficient skier, you can build up the courage to tackle the mighty black diamond trails and prove your worth on a pair of skis. Skiing is a great outdoor activity to help keep you fit. This outdoor sport uses the majority of your body to help you balance, remain upright, and push yourself through the snowy terrain.


Spring is finally here and with it will eventually come warmer temperatures to melt the snow away. If you enjoyed the ski trails during the winter, you will have a blast exploring them once the snow clears, opening them up for hiking. The Park City valley has incredible views that will keep you in awe as you hike up the many mountains. Hiking is another great outdoor activity to help keep you in shape and is one of the more popular options during the summer.


If you want to kick your workout up a notch, take your running out on the trails for an incredible workout. You can burn calories on these breathtaking trails, meaning you won’t feel so bad about indulging in the delicious food and drinks found in the many Park City restaurants. Running through town is also encouraged if you want to feel like a part of this exciting community!


Enjoy the great outdoors by biking around the valley. You can help keep yourself in shape with extended rides through the trails and around the city. Many local shops provide rentals in case you do not have your own bike. As the temperatures rise you will see more locals and tourists alike exploring Park City on a bike, enjoying the beautiful weather.


Swimming is another great activity to help keep you in shape during your Park City vacation. While outdoor pools are hard to find in the area due to the cold winters, there are several indoor centers that provide competition pools to swim laps in. Such centers include the Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa, Park City Aquatic Center, and the Park City Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center. Fees may be required for entry to check their listings for additional details.

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The air is turning chilly, the leaves are changing colors, and we may even get a flake of snow on the ground. Sure, we are seeing the top of the mountains regaled in the white snow, but ski season isn’t quite here…yet. There are five things to do in Park City you can be doing in the meantime to make sure that you (and your equipment) are ready to go when the resorts open!


Get Your Equipment Ready

Now is the time to get your gear out of storage and get it ready to go. If you are lucky, your board or skis are still in great shape; if not, it’s time to hit the shops that can get them back in tip-top condition.

Replace Worn/Broken Items

Check everything that may be worn out or broken. You don’t want to experience a malfunction or failure on the mountain, so take care of any potential issues now. This includes not only your equipment, but your clothing as well. You don’t want to get to the top of the mountain and find out that your gloves have a hole.

Buy a Season Pass

If you plan on spending a lot of time on those mountains, it’s probably a wise decision to purchase a season pass. Many areas also offer passes that cover several resort areas, such as the Epic Pass. Also, many season passes are discounted before the actual season starts, so you can save a few bucks by purchasing early.

Train! Train! Train!

Get your body in the best ski/board shape possible now. You don’t want to hit the slopes only to find out that you don’t have the stamina to last the whole day. A training program that includes strength and endurance training can help you enjoy the season from the very beginning, and being in shape will also help prevent injuries so you don’t cut the season short.

Plan Your Trip Now

Now is a terrific time to book your plans for your ski vacation. This includes flights and lodging reservations. By booking early, you can often save a lot of money to enjoy all the things to do in Park City!

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