Holiday travel comes in different forms. While some people are after hikes and other outdoor adventures, others are more into food. If you are the kind traveling to sample the dining cultures of a given location, Park City, Utah is a good place to start. From the different classifications of restaurants available to the panorama that awaits, here is the ultimate dining guide to Park City. 


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High-End Restaurants 

The kind of restaurant you go to in Utah will depend on your desired experience. For the best dining experience there can be in town, the following high-end restaurants of Park City are worth a visit.  


Prime Steakhouse & Piano Bar 

At the center of your high-end dining in Park City is the iconic Prime Steakhouse & Piano Bar. This restaurant enjoys a strategic positioning that plays to your advantage as a vacationer. This steakhouse is close to almost all the top attractions of the city. Whether you are from the mountains for a hike or just completed your skiing adventures, it is now time to chow it down at the Prime Steakhouse. This restaurant is home to a diverse menu with options going beyond ordinary steak. Online reservations are recommended to avoid last-minute inconveniences.  


Goldener Hirsch Restaurant  

The luxury game in Park City doesn’t get better than The Goldener Hirsch Restaurant. It offers exceptional mountain fare with incredible European influences. This restaurant can be best described as an exotic setup that intermarries Austrian dishes with the local Park City menus. Beyond the luxurious dining, the restaurant has a lounge area where you sip your cocktail of the day as you relax. The panoramic view of nearby mountains makes your stay in the restaurant even more lively.  

Dining Guide to Park City


Riverhorse is another high-end restaurant in Park City popular for its five-star services. It is an award-winning setting where elegance and style are food for the eye. This restaurant primarily specializes in American dining with options cutting across different aspects of culture. Whether you are after food options obtained from land or those that originate from the sea, you are in the right place for that. Also, it is an event-friendly place with entertainment from live bands and other musical performances. 


The Mustang 

Another high-end joint worth exploring in Park City is The Mustang. This restaurant opened its doors in 2004 and the rest is history. It has been 20 years of excellent customer service by delivering sumptuous meals. The Mustang is deeply rooted in the culture of the region with the pioneers being from Park City. On days when you want to sample the authenticity of the region, The Mustang is the place to be. It is a family-friendly setting with separate menus for adults and kids. The friendly staff of this restaurant makes everything else easier. 


Courchevel Bistro 

Courchevel Bistro is a French-inspired restaurant in Park City that set base in 2019. In less than five years, this restaurant has managed to capture the attention of vacationers with its inviting menus and finger-licking delicacies. The Mediterranean origins of some of the menus served here come as an added advantage to you as the vacationer. It is among the standout wonders of Main Street with fine dining and a wide range of bottles for you to explore.  

Tupelo Park City 

If you are in the market for a stylish upscale restaurant, look no further than Tupelo Park City. It is an elevated bar and restaurant adopting the new American style of dining. Menus here have been inspired by the whole world with something for everyone to explore. 

When out here vacationing, waking up early in the morning is a hard thing to do. The brunch options at Tupelo come to your rescue at such times of need. The dinner options are also wonderful. Take your Park City holiday experience a notch higher by sampling your drink of choice from the restaurant.  


Middle-Class Joints 

On days when you still want to explore the fine dining of the city but without digging deeper into your pockets, there are joints in the area that serve that purpose. With Park City’s rich history and diversity, there is never a shortage of options. 


Cafe Terigo 

Top of the list in this category is Cafe Terigo. This restaurant has the same five-star service you could expect in high-end joints in Utah. From the ambient lighting at night to the beautiful views in the daytime, there is never a dull moment in this part of Utah. The menu components differ depending on the time of the day. However, you can expect very interesting options either for lunch or dinner. Beyond the usual foods and stir-fries, pizzas are also a common delicacy here. Sandwich, cheeseburger, and risotto are other items worth sampling. Also, there is a separate bar section serving the best of wines and cocktails.  


The Lakehouse at Deer Creek 

The dining game is elevated a notch higher by the Lakehouse at Deer Creek. Just as the name suggests, it is a waterfront eatery with all the important goodies to match its status. The Lakehouse is located on the outskirts of Park City. Approximately 17 miles away, you have no excuses to make for missing out on this hidden gem. 

This restaurant specializes in lunch and dinner options that match your luxurious adventures in the city. The presence of a bar section on the property means you have your favorite drink at hand. The panorama that greets you in the patio area is everything to live for. From beautiful mountains in the periphery to the calmness of the lake, it is more than just a dining experience. 


Blind Gog 

Park City is never short of fascinating eateries for you to explore. Celebrating 26 years of excellent customer service, the Blind Dog is one unique setting you would want to explore. With their vast experience in the catering industry, you can be ready for the best services there can be. The Blind Dog is largely a seafood restaurant, serving all the typical options you would expect. Also, there is a raw bar offering the best sushi combos for you to sample. The organic steak served here is particularly good. Also, you have extensive cocktails and wine lists to sum up your Blind Dog experience. 



If there is a place where you will fall in love with the food you eat, it is Harvest. This restaurant adopts a farm-to-plate mechanism with its products being organic. Food items prepared here are obtained from the farms in the local community. Harvest has food options to suit everyone’s dietary needs. From the healthy chicken noodle soup to the green smoothies, it is the place to be to kickstart your journey to healthy dieting.  


On-Budget Eateries 

Outdoor dining in Utah doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It is still possible for you to explore the various dishes of the city while on a budget. These affordable joints are the perfect places to interact with locals, sample their traditional food, and learn something about the immediate culture. 


Sammy’s Bistro 

Leading the pack of affordable joints worth exploring in the area is Sammy’s Bistro. This restaurant offers a relaxed setting, allowing you to enjoy your hearty meal as part of your holiday adventures in Utah. Unlike what happens in most restaurants in the city, Sammy’s Bistro needs no reservation. Plan your day accordingly and check in to the joint for your sumptuous meal. Essentially, this restaurant specializes in all three meal courses of the day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have them all in one destination. It is the place to be for that quick meal while on the move. The joint is popular for its delicious wings and nicely prepared sandwiches. The interiors of the restaurant are endowed with huge screens streaming live sports and events from across the globe.  


El Chubasco 

There is something special about Mexican dishes that not many cultures can replicate. At the heart of your Mexican dining experiences while on a budget is the iconic El Chubasco. The roots of this restaurant can be traced back to 1997 and has held strong ever since. 

El Chubasco is an all-inclusive setting with something for everyone to sample. From expecting mothers craving some salsas to inviting menus for senior citizens, this Mexican eatery is the real deal. The stand-out feature of this restaurant is its iconic salsa bar. This section offers 12 different kinds of house-made salsas crafted to reflect the authenticity of the Mexican culture. Other dining options in the facility include burritos, tacos, and salads. Better still, there is a separate kids’ menu featuring items such as baby burritos, mini nachos, and quesadillas. 


Freshies Lobster Park City 

While most affordable eateries in Utah have nothing to show in their interiors and immediate environment, their food options tell a different story. A good example to explain this is Freshies Lobster Park City. As the name suggests, it is a seafood restaurant offering the best menus in this category. Menus here are filled with multiple affordable delicacies that easily appeal to the masses. Beyond the ordinary boiled shrimp mix, you also have plates of fried options that make your visit more memorable. If you are the kind of vacationer who is addicted to seafood, the options for you to explore are limitless. Top of the agenda is the iconic clam chowder. This heavy drink not only leaves you energized but is also a representation of the authenticity of the sea. 


Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria 

Your affordable dining experiences in Utah are incomplete without a little bit of European experience in them. At the center of your European experiences in the city is Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria. This restaurant is the best representation of a suitable Italian setting that is within the budget. Whenever issues of Italian dining are at stake, there is no way pizzas are left out of the conversation. As the name of this joint suggests, it is the place to be for the best Italian calzones in town. It is a family-friendly setting with lots of bites for kids to explore. Beyond the calzones, you are also treated to the best of wines in town. Within the setting is a wide range of bottles allowing you the luxury to choose what to pair with your brick-oven pizza. 


Deer Valley Café 

Sampling delicacies from affordable eateries in the city doesn’t mean that all luxury is thrown to the wind. Within your budget range, you will still find joints that luxuriously meet your status. Key among them is Deer Valley Café. Seating strategically at the Deer Valley Resort Plaza, this café offers more than just food. The beautiful views that await out there are worth every moment. With the beautiful mountains in the periphery, you already have a rough idea of what to expect. Within the setting are rotating specials that make your dining experience even more unique. Better still, you listen to live music in the background as you enjoy your hearty meal.  


Where to Stay in Park City 

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