If you only come to Park City, Utah during the winter season for skiing, you are missing out on gorgeous weather and beautiful outdoor scenery. Park City is the ideal vacation destination any time of the year depending on your interests. We highly recommend stopping by during the summer season; incredible hiking trails open up, allowing you to explore this scenery in person. Here are the best Park City trails for hiking for you to enjoy during summer:


CMG Trail

If you are looking for a loop trail with moderate difficulty check out the CMG Trail. This local trail starts off a little steep and rocky before it smooths out for a fun hike. The CMG Trail is especially popular with local mountain bikers who start with the steep challenge before being rewarded with a thrilling downhill ride. Make sure to look out for bikers during your hike around the loop!


Quinn’s Junction Trailhead

The perfect place to let novice hikers get used to the higher elevation is at Quinn’s Junction Trailhead. This groomed trail is low on difficulty and easy enough to get to. Many locals use the trail to go running or walk their dog throughout the year. While the start of the hike does not have much to look at, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views further on down this Park City trail.


Round Valley Way Trailhead

If you are looking for multiple trails with various difficulty levels, make sure you check out the Round Valley Way Trailhead. This local spot is a preferred summer hiking destination for many locals. Several marathons and races are held at the Round Valley Way Trailhead each year due to this popularity. You will also find that this local trailhead is open year-round so even the winter visitors can take advantage of these incredible trails (with appropriate clothing!).


Bad Apple Trailhead

Don’t let the name deter you, as Bad Apple Trailhead is the perfect trail if you are looking to spot wildlife. This slightly hidden trail is found just off the Silver Summit base and features a nice, rocky base to keep your footing. The Bad Apple Trailhead is another popular mountain bike location so make sure to keep an eye out for any bicyclists on the trails with you.


Your Summer in Park City

The incredible hiking trails found around Park City are just one reason why you should spend your summer with us. Let us set you up with the perfect luxury vacation rental that will keep you comfortable with resort-like amenities all summer long.