You may already know that Park City is a town full of history with its interesting architecture and unique culture and landscape, but have you taken the time to really explore that history by taking one of Park City’s family-friendly walking tours? You may not realize it yet, but Park City is a town with a secret past, and some of that past is rather chilling.

Once an old mining town, Park City wasn’t always the place it is today and plenty of interesting characters came out west to Park City both for adventure and to start a new life in the Wild West. Many of the more curious circumstances surrounding some of Park City’s more notorious settlers have been researched in depth by the founders of “Park City Ghost Tours”, a seasonal historical ghost tour experience that delves deeper into the often mysterious history of the town.

Previously a former history teacher and filmmaker, husband and wife team Rob and Lela Newey teamed up with co-founder Erik Hutchins, a student of the metaphysical and paranormal in an attempt to create a documentary film on the haunted histories of the town. As they conducted their research they thought their efforts might be better suited to regular town tours where participants can get a firsthand feel for the secret stories of an area they may have thought they already knew quite well. Tour guides make an effort to create an authentic mood by dressing in early 20th-century attire as they lead small crowds on tours filled with historical facts and haunting heresay. Running from October through ski season, the extra chill in the air adds to the mood.

If you’re looking for a historical tour without the spooky side effects, you may want to check out Park City’s “Historic Walking Tours”. These tours run during the summer months (June through August) and are suitable for both small groups as well as large groups (though larger groups should call 3 weeks in advance to set up a tour). Beginning in downtown Park City, these tours explore the historical facts surrounding the history and its early settlers while visiting old buildings, rooms, and landmarks that have historic significance to the area. Tour guides work with the Park City Museum in an effort to teach locals and guests more about the area in an entertaining and educational way. Combination tickets for the Park City Museum and the walking tours can be purchased or tickets for the tours alone are available.


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