A vacation in the mountains comes with its own perks: the great views, the fresh air, and the numerous activities that the whole family gets to enjoy. This is why Park City is such a popular vacation destination for families seeking a wholesome experience away from the bustling city. Park City is more than skiing and snowboarding. In fact, the activities and the charms of this mountainous town will need more than one vacation to experience them all! Here is our guide to Park City!


Stroll Down Main Street

Like most small towns, Main Street is where you will do all your shopping, dining, and enjoy the charms of the town. Park City has a historic Main Street which is a delight to explore. Just looking through the windows is a joy in itself. Take the kids to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company for a treat,then swing by Java Cow for ice cream. And for a fun time learning about the history of the town, visit the Park City Museum.


Kimbal Art Center

While the center offers many fascinating exhibits all year round, the one thing that will interest the kids more than anything would be the art classes. Offered at different times throughout the year, they cover many art medias and allow children to express themselves through art. Adults too will have their own classes where you can learn about pottery, painting, sculpting, and other forms of art.


Skating Rink

Despite what you may have heard, ice skating is still in fashion. This popular activity that once dominated the lives of generations is very much alive. People still visit the rink to enjoy ice skating whenever they can, and our guide to Park City definitely recommends! The skating rink is an open one, which means it will only be open when the weather allows. If you’re not familiar with this exciting sport, make sure to rent skate walkers from the shop. They’ll help you stay on your feet and keep you from falling over so often.


Jupiter Bowl

Bowling is another old sport that has become part of our culture. But Jupiter Bowl doesn’t just offer bowling; it’s more versatile than that. Here you can chill and relax with a drink, order a meal, or go bowling. And because it’s family-friendly, the whole family will have a good time here.


Your Family Guide to Park City

Park City is a great destination for your family vacation. For more information about the local attractions and to book your stay, call us today.