Park City Ski Report

For many of us some of the best stories we will ever read are found in books and magazines and we can never imagine that we can experience them ourselves. We only watch them in movies and our popular soaps where the snow falls as adventures unfold and imaginations and emotions fly high and wild. But the truth of the matter is that there is a place not very far from where you stay where your family can have maximum fun as the snowflakes fall while they enjoy the best of times. Such is the place you need to go out and find real adventure that is worth writing home about.


One of the Best Resort Areas in the United States

You can write your won story by visiting a place that has been rated one of the 5 top resort areas in the entire United States for so many years in a row. This place is none other than the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah, nestled in the former mining city that is now a tourist haven. When you and your family come over here for a vacation you can be sure that you will be on your way to write your own personal experience with all the fun your imagination can gather. Help your kids to learn dealing with the white powder that falls come every winter so that they grow to be professional skiers.

At the Park City Mountain Resort your child is given all the opportunities to learn through the wooded trails as they learn how to ski and ride snow bugs as well as interact with others who are also out to experience the marvels and wonders of nature. The Park City Mountain Resort is nestled in an area that covers some 3,300 acres of land where skiers of all level have different levels of trails where they can ski down the slopes. You have at your disposal eight stunning peaks to explore, 50 highly groomed runs, nine powder-filled bowls as well as three terrain peaks of international standards as the setting where your family can make a discovery and create their own super stories to tell.


Enjoy the Park City Mountain Resort

Since the Park City Mountain Resort is there waiting for anyone who will dare it, it is therefore incumbent upon you to find out novel and safe ways of encountering the mountainside resort. You can enjoy a customized tour every time you take your family out because you generally deserve such a break. The Park City Mountain Resort is so popular that in 2002 it was selected to host the Olympic Games and the infrastructure that was created still stands strong and also waiting for your arrival.

The mountain resort opens for real winter fun on the 20th November and runs all the way to mid April when winter comes to an end here. There is always room for day and night skiing with the night session running from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. The area receives an average of 350 inches of snow annually which is such a good helping of the white powder. The elevation ranges between 6,900 feet at the base and 10,000 feet at the tallest peak. With over 3,300 acres of super terrain there is enough snow for your wildest dreams to come true.

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