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Just as in winter, Park City summers are full of activities and entertainment. So, be it horse riding, fishing, golfing or many others, visitors will be able to choose from a huge selection of things to see and to do in this beautiful city. And the best way to fully enjoy the summer here is by choosing one of our exclusive luxury lodging options, which are all located right next to where the fun is! Rent any of our Park City vacation rentals – private homes, condos short or long term, at great off season discounts! When it comes to choosing a place where to spend a summer vacation, one of the best places to consider will definitely be Park City Utah. The increasing popularity of Park City summer vacations is due to the city being mostly a winter destination, especially famous among winter sports lovers who visit the city for its great snowboarding and skiing circuits. Because of this, a large number of vacationers return for the endless beauty that is Park City Utah in the summer. We offer a range of some of the best vacation properties in the summer including gorgeous homes for rent in Park City, luxury condo rentals and much more.

However, one of the most important aspects of Park City that only but few people know about, is that the city offers a series of summer attractions that make it one of the best and most versatile summer holiday spots in North America. Some of the most popular of these attractions are the city’s many golf courses (which are famous for the gorgeous landscapes), the city’s main river that offer visitors a great fishing site and the surrounding forests, which provide the most adventurous visitors with a great venue for exploring. Also, the city sports several spots where one can partake in horseback riding and hiking, two of the most popular activities among visitors on summer. Additionally, Park City is also famous for offering visitors some of the most amazing hot air balloon rides in the world, providing breathtaking views of the entire area and its surroundings.

The Park City, Utah is a famous winter destination with enthusiasts coming over to enjoy the best of the white powder that bring so many thrills and shrill to them. Skiing and snowboarding is mainstay of the winter period and those who come get an experience of a lifetime. However there is more to Park City than winter because winter does not last the whole year long. Come summer and there is so much fun and recreation and this has made park City be in business all the year round. Summer in Park City is composed of a variety of activities which include mountain biking, cycling, hiking, lift rides, as well as alpine slides.

The other activities that happen during summer in Park City include attendance to concerts, stream fishing as well as rounds of endless golf in the lush green golf courses that dot the resort town. One of the best activities in summer is biking which happens in a natural setting that makes it a haven for anyone who loves mountain biking. There are trails that have a combined 160 miles of plain tracks where you can pedal your mountain bike with the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains in the background. Be sure to book your summer rental in Park City early as it is quickly becoming a very popular destination spot for travelers, vacationers and families.

The nearby Utah Olympic Park which was home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games is a perfect location for ski jumping and luge competitions. Visitors who come to the Olympic Park have a guided tour and they get a chance to watch spectacular shows of athletes sledding at speeds of up to 70 miles an hour. You will also have a chance of popping into the Olympic Museum where free style aerial shows are on display. The ski jumps that go up to 60 feet in to the air will thrill you on Saturdays at noon when they are usually conducted giving a chance for families to have an activity together.

Carry your backpack and discover one of the many hiking trails that have been labeled to accommodate hikers of all categories from beginners to professionals. All the three resorts of Park City afford visitors lift serviced hiking which you can do around some natural trails. Summer in Park City is such an experience because where hiking is concerned you can decide to use the regular scenic roads and check out on the former mines and pristine forests or use a chair lift and have a bird’s eye view of the entire trail especially if you choose the right path.

Nothing completes the perfect picture of summer in Park City than Park City golfing. There several golf courses which give guests different levels of challenges with some of them being private and others public. Playing a round of golf at a well manicured lush green course at 6,000 feet above sea level is one experience that you will keep in the record of your mind for a long time to come. The beauty and grandeur that surrounds the course and the picturesque Wasatch Mountains in the background complete the picture to make it a true paradise.

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