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A.I. Yield Management & Distribution

Park City Rental Properties offers the best in listing distribution services, so your home can be seen by interested renters all over the web. From VRBO, to Flipkey, to Air BNB and beyond, our patented listing distribution software will ensure that your homes are well represented on the top vacation rental sites across the web – including our own! This means full control of ALL of your listings – with the aid of an easy to use dashboard – so you can tailor your message anyway you desire. Want to run a specific special just for VRBO? Want to provide renters who book your property directly with a discount? We can help with all of that. And don’t forget; here at Park City Rental Properties, your home will be seen by as many as 600 unique daily visitors, guaranteeing you get the exposure you need – and the ROI you desire!

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SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing

With our dedicated in-house online marketing team, we utilize all the tools in our prolific toolbox to continually increase organic traffic to your rental. With over 25 years of combined online marketing experience, our team offers the expertise and proficiency to make sure interested renters see your property on all the biggest search engines. But, unlike other marketing companies, we aren’t here just to give you empty traffic improvement stats; we’re here to make sure your home gets noticed by the perfect demographics, so your vacation rental is filled all year round! Better yet, with our email marketing and PPC teams, we can tailor your message perfectly, increasing likelihood of renting even during shoulder periods. Whether you have a special you’d like to run, or you simply just want to rent your property on a weekend you normally have difficulty renting out on, Park City Rental Properties Online Marketing services are sure to help do whatever you need!

home care

Property Care & Homeowner Dashboard

Of course, here at Park City Rental Properties, renting your property isn’t our only focus. When you sign up for our world class property management services, we treat your home like it’s a part of the family with some of the highest quality home care services in the industry. Our maintenance staff ensures your home is in peak condition – even during the off-seasons – so you know your home will always be ready for the next renter! Best of all, our property management and homeowner dashboard gives you complete control over your property, allowing you to schedule maintenance and cleanings whenever you see fit. Here, you will also find up-to-date reports outlining how much your property has made, when the last time it was cleaned, and what repairs it may need in the coming months. In other words, you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to your property! Contact Park City Rental Properties today for more information about our Park City property management services. We can’t wait to have you as part of our family!