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Since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games that Park City shot to international limelight and since then it has remained on the lips of many people who seek to have maximum fun especially during winter. The tourist destination has grown immensely picking up from where silver mining would have left the town to a have a new lease of life. Now winter skiing and snow boarding are not the only activities that this resort town is known for. Come every January the whole world is again of the way to park City, Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. This happens to be the largest cinema festival in the entire United States and is also considered among the prier film events the world over. The influx of visitors to Park City UT during this time drastically increases the need for Sundance lodging, which drives the local economy.


The Sundance Film Festival

During the Sundance Film Festival both American and other international film producers come to showcase their best and for this reason January sees more film directors and actors as well as other celebrities make their way to this famous vacation destination. During the festival producers are allowed to showcase short films, documentaries, as well as feature length films in a competition that covers all manner of categories. There are also some non competitive categories that also feature during the festival that makes it such a unique event happening right here at Park City, Utah.

This international festival gives Park City, Utah a chance once every year to showcase the best it has to offer to guests and thanks to initiatives such as the Sundance Film Festival the resort town has developed to have a bed capacity of well over 12,000 people, which is considered phenomenal considering that the residents are only slightly more than 7,000 people. The film festival was first held in 1978 and it was first known by the name Utah/US film festival pioneering at the Salt Lake City. The event pioneered and a festival featuring films which included Mean Streets, Midnight Cowboy Classics and many other ancient films.

The initial program was funded from the Utah Film Commission, individuals and other private sponsors. It was not until 1981 when this stupendous event was moved to its current location at the Park City. The event is scheduled to run in January every year at a location and timeframe which has almost become tradition to this very day. It is during this time of shifting to the current location that it acquired its current name, the Sundance Film festival and has since received its international status.

There are other high profile film festivals the world over such as the Toronto International Film Festival which have begun to gather crowds of their own even though they have a long time to get to catch up with the Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Film Festival has given Park City a life of its own giving it a chance to host celebrities every January and it has contributed to the growth of the tourist industry in this former mining town. You can take a chance to meet and rub shoulders with the high and mighty and share the same facilities as you get a chance to even watch even some films before they hit the screens. Park City Rental Properties offers the perfect event rentals to come home to after the show.


Did you know…

The Sundance Film Festival it is the perfect time for Skiing and Snowboarding! Main Street may be bursting at the seams with movie goers and Hollywood’s elite, but the slopes are virtually empty during these 10 days. To learn more click here!

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