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They make it look so easy when you watch it on television. Graceful, elegant, and dressed in colorful clothes, they schuss down the mountain, kicking up snow behind them, making jumps that have them appear to fly. If you have ever tried to ski yourself, however, you may find yourself feeling like a newborn foal trying to walk, shaky legs spreading wide as you spend more time on the packed snow than on the slender planks that are attached to the bulky boots on your feet. Although the beginning may be scary and trying, if you stay determined, soon you’ll be making your way down the easy runs like a pro. Take your time, breathe, and have a blast on the best Utah skiing Park City runs for beginner skiers.


Two Resorts

Your Park City skiing activities, one of the top Park City things to do in winter, will take place at one of two resorts: Park City Mountain Resort, which is the biggest ski resort in the entire country, or nearby Deer Valley, which isn’t as large but offers an equal amount of fun.

Deer Valley is where Park City made its original skiing reputation and tends to be just a little more beginner friendly, as they offer more services that make the ski experience a little easier. 26% of the terrain is set aside for the novice skier. The beginner runs are marked by green circles, the easiest ones. There are five green circle slopes, including the Lily, the Lower Lily, and the Blue Bell. The Blue Bell is also part intermediate, so be sure to follow the green circles all the way to the bottom.

Park City Mountain Resort, on the other hand, is the mountain Olympic skiers train on; it was a part of the 2002 Winter Olympics. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own beginner ski runs, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should skip it during your Park City vacation. 15% of its trails are for beginners, with the Claim Jumper being the easiest, yet most exciting of all the green runs.

Whichever park you decide to visit, they both offer classes for adults or children. Sometimes adults feel uncomfortable sharing a class with kids, and the resorts are aware and understanding, hence the separate classes.


Park City Vacation Rentals Offer a Great Place to Tend Your Bruises After Utah Skiing Park City Runs

There’s no escaping it: If you have never skied before, you’re going to fall—a LOT—and you’re going to get bruises and sore muscles. Fortunately, many of our rentals come with hot tubs for soaking those aching muscles! Reserve yours today and revel in the warmth and comfort of our Christmas rentals you’ll find with us after a long day spent on the slopes. enjoying all of the Park City things to do in Winter.

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