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As you complete your plans for your upcoming visit to Park City, there may be one worry that lingers in your mind. Vacationing in places you have never been before brings anxiety when you realize that you will have to learn how to get around the town you are visiting, and although we know the secrets, you may still be unsure as to what you can expect. Fortunately, you have Park City Vacation Rentals on your side, sharing tips and hints for a fantastic vacation and this guide to getting around in Park City is just one of the ways we do so!


Free Shuttle

We don’t hear that word very often anymore, but the shuttle in Park City continues to be free, running up and down Main Street and providing a simple way to get from place to place. The bright red vehicle provides a touch of color to the snow-covered streets and because it is heated you can stay warm on the coldest days of winter, running every day of the week from 6 AM until 2 AM.


Park City Transit

The vintage appeal of the free shuttle will you have you inclined to only use this method, but it is not the only free transportation in town. Park City Transit offers free buses that take you beyond Main Street, most of which run on electricity to help limit air pollution. Also running every day of the week, depending on the bus you are trying to catch they arrive at the stops approximately every 15 minutes. For more information on schedules, you can check out the Park City Transit website and learn everything you need to know about this free bus system!


Ride Share

The convenience of Uber and Lyft have reached the mountain village of Park City and can be the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B; simply type your destination into the app and let the driver worry about traffic, construction, and whatever else obstacles may be thrown in your driving path!



The majority of shops and restaurants are located on Main Street in Park City and if you have chosen town life for your Utah vacation, all you will need is warm winter clothing and a willingness to get in a little extra exercise! Reserve your downtown Park City Vacation Rentals winter sanctuary today and be wherever you need to be within minutes!