501 On Main

Famous for it’s unpretentious style and its vegetarian/vegan menu options, 501 On Main allows peace to rule in families and friendships in which the battle of vegan vs carnivore never ends! Open every day from 11:30 AM until 9PM, 501 offers reasonable prices, making it the perfect place for vacationers with a budget.


Located at 501 Main Street (Who is Surprised?)

The red brick building with a green balcony and street side dining area is often the center of attention; happy diners smiling, talking, and laughing as they nosh on American food loved by all often attracts even more patrons looking to be a part of the party! On the inside, a warm and welcoming atmosphere features arched windows that look out onto the fun, or onto a snowy street scene that could have come out of a Dicken’s novel—it just depends on the season you visit them! Offering a stucco fireplace, televisions over the bar, and casual wood and wicker chairs not unlike what you might see in a Mexican restaurant, the easy-going vibe of 501 On Main has made it a popular stop for skiers for years.


Simple Food Prepared Right at 501 on Main

This isn’t the place to order steak tartare prepared with a foam crust; 501 On Main Park City is famous for serving the food everyone loves to eat. Order a smashed avocado toast from the appetizer menu, a Bison Chili from the soups, and a grilled salmon burger to finish out the meal. This culinary adventure will entice you to try it all, but you may want to space it out over a few visits! If you suffer with a gluten allergy or are vegetarian verging on vegan, just look for a dish that has the initials GF, V, or V2 next to the description; this means you can order these dishes just the way you like! The Carlos V2 Curry Wrap, created with house made vegan curry, vegan “chikken” tenders, locally sourced carrots, potatoes, roasted red peppers simmered in a coconut curry sauce and wrapped in a vegan wrap is a perfect example, offering all the taste without any animal products.


Bring the Party Back Home

The happy times can continue when you head back to your Park City Vacation Rentals classic condo. Pour yourself a glass of wine, pop some popcorn, and settle back on one of our plush sofas for an evening relaxation. There’s no law that you have to be on the go every minute of your trip; sometimes staying in offers the best vacation of all—reserve yours today! We have a vast selection of properties, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Easter vacation rentals.

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