Have you ever gone to a dinner with a bunch of friends and found yourself envying the meals your friends have and resenting that yours just doesn’t have the same panache? They all seem to be savoring every bite, while you force yourself to eat enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay. The good news is you don’t have to worry about that when you eat at Handle in Park City. This local phenomenon specializes in small plates, allowing everyone in your party to mix, match, and sample the delights that are served here. This dining experience promises not to leave anyone unhappy!


Handle Park City: Located at 136 Heber Avenue

The stone, brick, and wood buildings of the Park City retail and restaurant districts create a cheerful and welcoming landscape, and Handle fits in nicely. The exterior invites you in with warmth and grace, hinting at the wonders to be found inside. The interior of the Handle restaurant is sleek and modern, with dark wood tables, leather chairs and banquettes, and a wallpaper that brings to mind the old seed catalogs from our grandmother’s time period.


The Taste of Temptation

While Handle’s menu offers full size plates of hearty fried chicken and ribeye steaks, it’s the tapas (small plates) that makes this eatery famous. Small bites of oysters or biscuit sliders, cold salads that include a green gazpacho made from crab, tomatillo, jalapeño, and cilantro, or hot plates of pork belly, lamb shank, or skirt steak will please any appetite. Vegetarians will be happy to discover an extensive vegetarian selection, and desserts that include a roasted miso chess pie and bread pudding ice cream sandwich will bring a smile to the faces of every diner!

The mixologists on staff at Handle Park City are creative and innovative; their Rattlesnake Cocktail is a pleasant accompaniment to any meal. Handle also offers an extensive wine menu guaranteed to have your favorite cabernet, chardonnay, or rosé, and on Wednesdays they serve many of their wines for only $5 a glass.

If you’re traveling with a group, they also provide private events. You can call them in advance at 435-602-1155 if you’re interested in having a party or corporate retreat event during your stay in Utah.


It’s a Little Known Fact

A stint in a hot tub is great for digestion, and when you rent a Park City Rental Properties hot tub unit, ending the meal with a soak in the tub will also lend itself to a long and dreamless sleep. Reserve yours today and let us spoil you!

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