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Believe it or not, there was a time when the only people who ate sushi lived in Japan, and we are thankful that those dark ages have passed! Sushi has become as American as pizza, quiche, and the humble taco, and just as there are different levels of restaurants that serve those classic dishes, the sushi bar has a wide range of quality levels as well. If you start with gas station or grocery store sushi on the bottom level, the ultimate top spot would go to Yuki Yama Sushi in downtown Park City, where the rolls are unique, elegant, and above all, delicious!


Located at 586 Main Street

Most of the best restaurants in Park City are located on Main Street, the hub of it all! The distinctive green and red trimmed wood building is close to boutiques and quite possibly, your own Park City Rental Properties home away from home, making it the perfect spot for a dinner after a long day of vacation adventures. Inside, the sleek and modern look of Yuki Yama is soothing, with stark white walls contrasting with the red of the art work and the dark wood chairs, tables, and floors. The sushi preparation area is open to the restaurant, with a wood bar and cool blue underlighting giving it a space age look. Curtained-off booth areas offer a private spot to nosh with your group of like-minded individuals.


Yuki Yama Translates to Snowy Mountain

This sushi spot serves a mixture of sushi, sashimi, maki, and other noodle dishes that warm your soul on a cold and snowy day. Offering savory starters like Wild Mushroom Gyoza, Stuffed Shishito, and a Wagyu Bruschetta that features a blend of seared wagyu zabuton, pork butter, truffle ponzu, arugula, and parmesan, the owners understand the hunger needs of Park City visitors. Their hot plate menu offers tasty treats with exotic names like Lamb Lollipops and Wagyu Beef Tataki, while their noodle dishes include the classic favorites. Their Kimchee Ramen and cold Seafood Soba will treat your taste buds to an explosion of flavor, and because eggs aren’t just for breakfast, their Tamago (house made omelet) will bring a smile to your palate! Also offering an extensive wine menu and an excellent selection of specialty sake, it’s easy to find the right beverage to accompany your meal at Yuki Yama.


All the Comforts of Home

Nothing feels better after a really good meal than an evening of relaxation in a home designed to spoil, and our Park City Rental Properties luxury homes do just that. Sink into our plush sofas with a roaring fire and your favorite romantic movie on the big screen television, curl up in that oversize chair with a good book and a cup of coffee, or simply sit out under the stars enjoying another wonderful night in Park City. Reserve your stay at Yuki Yama Shushi today!

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