Once again, our wonderful Park City has reached the top of list of the favorite towns in America. Recently, Travel and Leisure named Park City as number one on its list of America’s Favorite Towns.

It is definitely worth it to point out that Park City is not just on the list, it is at the top of the list! Check out why readers placed our city at the top of the survey results. The survey asked readers to evaluate cities and towns across many categories that included such things as the friendliness of locals to pizza quality.

This particular survey encouraged survey participants, particularly locals, to share what the hometowns are the best at. The highest scoring categories included friendly residents, ambiance, and indulgences.


Why Park City is at the Top

Travel and Leisure says, “Outdoor bliss meets artistic street cred” in beautiful Park City.

The ambiance of Main Street was a focal point of the results. It was pointed out that many liked that there were no chain stores on Main Street, and the mining legacy remained within the architecture of the town.

The No Name Saloon was a favorite with its rooftop bar being a favorite people watching spot. Additionally, Park City is highly associated with the Sundance Film Festival, which brings celebrities to the town each year.

Travel and Leisure readers pointed out the combination of sophistication and small town charm that makes Park City special.

The article also highlighted the fact that because liquor laws have been relaxed, readers scored Park City high in the wine category. It was highlighted that wine lists at establishments such as Tupelo and Glitretind were extensive and exciting.


Park City Rental Properties

At Park City Rental Properties, we are of course pleased that Park City is number one among readers of Travel and Leisure. We know how great our town is and we want to share everything we know is great about Park City with our guests.

If you want to know more about any of the great activities, events, or attractions in Park City, please just ask one of our friendly staff members. We are very familiar with all the places named in this wonderful article, as well as many hidden gems we love to share with our guests. At Park City Rental Properties, we want to ensure that you truly enjoy your stay!