Park City, Utah Guide: Insider Tips for the Tourists and Newcomers

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When visiting somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s sometimes difficult to learn all the secrets that make that place special. Everyone knows that every town has a restaurant that all the locals love and adore, but visitors rarely know how to find that spot. Who has the best deals? Where is the best food? How do I find the most interesting tourist attractions? These are the questions we all want the answers to, and when you stay in a Park City Vacation Rentals premier property, you WILL have all the answers! Keep reading this Park City Utah guide for your upcoming vacation.


A Stop at Ritual Chocolate Factory & Café Will Make Your Stay Even Sweeter

Everyone loves chocolate, but Ritual Chocolate Factory & Café has made the common treat more unique. They create each piece from beans right there in the building. No artificial flavors, no processed add-ins, just pure sweet chocolate that will change the way you look at candy forever more. Located at 1105 Iron Horse Drive, it’s a little off the beaten path, but well worth the trip!


The Ski-In Distillery Will Warm Your Frozen Bones

It’s cold out there in the winter, and nothing warms the coldest corners of your soul quicker and faster than a whiskey distilled right here in Park City. When the cold gets to be too much for you, High West, the only ski-in distillery in the nation (quite possibly the world!), offers the perfect solution: a taste of some of the best whiskey you’ve ever tried!


Dog Sledding is Popular

When we think about dog sleds, most of us think about Alaska, but Park City is a popular dog sledding location as well. Luna Lobos Dogg Sledding, located at 4733 West Browns Canyon Road in nearby Peoa is our favorite, but many other tour companies in the area offer sledding tours that are absolutely amazing as well!


Sundance Isn’t the Only Time You Can Spot the Stars

Sundance Film Festival isn’t the only time of year you can spot your favorite celeb; Park City is a popular destination for the stars at any time of the year, and the chances of seeing your favorite superstar dining at the table next to you are high.


Our Vacation Rentals Will Be the Highlight of Your Trip in Your Park City Utah Guide!

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