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Park City has a unique story that can be traced to more than 5,000 years ago. The history of the city is divided into different phases. Initially, it was occupied by the Shoshone people before becoming a mining town under the settlers’ regime. Later on, it would become a ski resort city, something that put it on the global tourism charts. Here’s a brief description of Park City’s history. 

Earliest Origins 

The city’s earliest roots can be traced to the nomadic camps of the Shoshone people. More than 5,000 years ago, these people began settling in the area. However, it was only habitable during the summer and spring months due to extreme weather in other seasons. It was a place of solace for them and a perfect hunting ground. Museums in the city have evidence of the movements that took place during that time. Later, in 1848, pioneers traveling to Salt Lake City discovered a suitable grazeland on top of the canyon and settled there. They are part of the reason why it was named Park City by the settlers.  

Mining Town 

In the 1860s, the city started to attract the attention of the world. It was the beginning of the mining boom in the city. Settlements began shifting from the grazelands to the mines. These activities opened more opportunities for the city including rail construction. These rails exist to date as a mark of the city’s roots and heritage.  

Modern-Day Park City 

A century later, the mines had nothing to offer, something that triggered a wave of tourism awakening. The forgotten skiing activities of the city were back like never before. The holes dug by the miners turned be a tourist attraction in the city. It all began in 1963 with the construction of Treasure Mountain, present-day Park City Mountain Resort. Since then, the city cemented its place as a fan-favorite destination that would later lead to the construction of three world-class ski resorts. The ski experience in Park City was elevated further by the 2002 Winter Olympics. Besides being a resort city, it is also home to the iconic Sundance Film Festival which happens each year in January. 

More Than Just History 

There is a lot more to the city than just history. To explore it all, you will need to spend more time around it. Our team is on the ground to ensure you get the perfect holiday rental that complements your stay in the city. Call us today for a customized booking experience.