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After you have spent your morning and probably afternoon skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Park City Resorts you need to come down and make your way to your hotel room. Most hotels and lodges in Park City area are lavishly done and you may want to soothe your nerves in a heated pool, a hot tub or even sauna if not a spa for some massage. Since life on vacation does not end at the slopes playing with the white powder then you need to step out for some little more action in town. This will mean going to the legendary Main Street which is where all the fun and entertainment of Park City is found away from the slopes.


Visit the Park City Movie Theater

The Historic Main Street is where all road lead in the afternoons and evenings for a sample of fun. You will find more than 100 eateries, bars, art galleries and of course some movie theatres where you can sample some good action on the screens. One of the most popular cinema theatres is the Redstone 8 Cinema which is a favorite for both locals as well as guests. Buy your popcorn and sit tight as you experience a movie theatre that features some of the latest Surround Systems and a large screen to boot.

The Redstone 8 Cinema has such a large screen and is designed in a stadium seating style that comes with an arcade as well. You will enjoy top quality pictures which is the most important thing as far as going to movies is concerned. For parents who come to the movie theatre with their kid and toddlers there is no reason for them to fear that they may disturb other patrons. If your child becomes fussy you simply walk them into the specially designated cry room for parents with little babies where you will also be able to enjoy the movie just like every body else.

The Redstone 8 movie theatre plays mostly Hollywood hits even though they also feature some independent pieces especially from the Sundance film festival. The theatre is a modern establishment with a seating capacity of 1,000 people and has been in operation since January 2004 when it opened its doors and is till going strong to date. The cinema is situated at the junction of Kimball near Park City and apart from the cry room for babies it also has a lobby café, love seats, a video arcade as well as a lobby café.

This development which is among the latest in Park City area plays and extremely important role in fixing the loose ends in the entertainment industry. Dint let your evenings be coon and quiet when you can actually wind it down with friends and family watching the latest blockbusters behind this ultra-modern cinema hall. The owners, Rocky Mountain Cinemas have gone beyond the call of duty to prepare a state-of-the-art facility that is second to none in the entire Park City area. Make a date with the whole of your family and you will be glad you did with the Redstone 8 Cinema.

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