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Although we firmly believe that our hometown is so wonderful you don’t really need any specific reasons to decide to visit, we also understand that vacations are important and our treasured potential guests don’t want to waste their precious time off visiting a place that may not be a good fit for them. Because of this, we have put together this list of the top reasons to visit Park City attractions; it’s always nice to have facts to back up an impulse decision, don’t you think?


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Winter Paradise

It’s often difficult to find a place to go in the winter if you’re NOT into tropical vacations! For those who appreciate a blanket of untouched snow covering a field edged by stark trees, being able to wear all those beautiful sweaters and colorful jackets you’ve been coveting, or love the excitement of shushing down the slopes on a cold winter’s morn, Park City will be the paradise you never knew you were missing.


If it’s Good Enough for the Olympics

Did you know that the 2002 Winter Olympics was held right here in Park City? Both Deer Valley Ski Resort and Park City Mountain Resort hosted segments of the skiing portions, and the Utah Olympic Park is located at 3419 Olympic Parkway. Offering a peek into the past as it trains for the future, Utah Olympic Park is the spot of a museum dedicated to the best of the best. It offers a zipline tour open year-round and is still the home to future Olympic hopefuls training hard to be the next gold medalists, this is one of the best Park City Attractions!


Best Shopping in the State and Other Park City Attractions

If we were to be truly honest with ourselves, we’d have to admit that one of our favorite vacation activities doesn’t involve sightseeing at all; we love to shop, and a visit to Park City is a visit to shop-palooza! Unlike many other places you may have visited, the streets are lined with charming independent boutiques and exquisite art galleries. Chain stores are not appreciated, nor are they plentiful in the historic downtown area of Park City; Livin’ Life Park City is one of our favorite places to spend a few hours of downtime; the artwork and home décor found here make perfect souvenirs!


Park City Vacation Rentals

Yes, we may be tooting our own horns here, but our vacation properties are one of the best reasons for visiting Park City! Offering elegance and warmth and filled with luxury amenities that are designed to pamper and spoil, your Utah vacation just wouldn’t be the same if you stayed anywhere else. Reserve your stay today and discover many more reasons to visit Park City!

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