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Nestled strategically adjacent to the renowned The Canyons Resort at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains is the ultra Modern Utah Olympic Park. This was the home for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and in a way it threw the park City area into the international limelight. After the end of the Olympic Games the Park was left with enough infrastructures such as the exclusive 750,000 gallon training pool which skiers and snowboarders use during the summer to generally splash themselves. There are numerous public activities which include tours as well as weekend freestyle pool shows.


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This facility that is built to international standards is open to the public with free admission and the members of public can actually get in and participate in a number fun and recreational activities. Even the professional athlete has always found an open ground to ply their trade in all the freedom that can be. You may want to come along to the Utah Olympic Park for the world steepest Zipline where you can cruise at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour on the K 120 ski jumping hill. If you want to feel the thrill of real ski jumping as you rumble down a cable in a harness then the Utah Olympic park is the place for you to visit.

The Utah Olympic Park is also the only destination in the entire United States where can enjoy a European Style Alpine slide in a neo-modern steel track through which riders can actually weave down a miniature course whose end is at the bottom of the K-64 ski jump. If all those things do not cause you to miss a heart beat then you need to try rushing down the Olympic Track in 4-person bobsled. This is run by a trained pilot together with you and two other passengers at a speed of 70 miles per hour as you negotiate around 15 hairpin curves. You need to have a heart of stone if you are going to get into the ‘comet’ bobsled because the one minute it takes may be the most intense in your entire life.


Saturday seems to be the best day for anyone who wants to see and experience all the action at the Utah Olympic Park especially because of the freestyle shows that are featured on every weekend. You will be mesmerized by high octane action as you watch mainly Olympians or other athletes doing their practices. They occasionally run a 25 minute freestyle aerial show on every Saturday during the summer period and this is one show you cannot afford to miss.

This particular show is so choreographed and since it is performed in cadence with band music and it leaves spectators and revelers breathless to see mortals soaring to heights of more than 60 feet in the air. While at it these skiers and snow boarders are able to perform theatrical acrobatic stunts before they finally land at the 750,000 gallon splash pool. This is one of the major family attractions that bring people to the Utah Olympic Park on every weekend.


Utah Olympic Park

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