The simple pleasures of being a kid, when an hour seemed like “forever,” and you couldn’t go a day without laughing. From parks and ice cream shops to toy stores and merry go rounds the fun seemed to never end. Why do kids get to have all the fun?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I know of a place where the slides aren’t just for kids, but  adults too. A place where desert comes before dinner, and your only worry is what to do next. A little place called Park City where kids and adults can play together.

Park City at dusk

Park City at dusk

Nestled in the hills of the Wasatch mountains there is a city full of adventure and fun. A natural playground, where the sun shines, birds sing, and the grass is green. From mountain biking, to hot air balloons the fun never ends.

The summers are filled with food fresh from the farm and local beer always on tap. From pizza on Main Street to dinner in the mountains, the food is purely world class.

With your appetite satisfied and ice cream in hand its time to discover the “Park” in Park City and head on over to Park City Mountain Resort where summer is just as exciting as winter.

Park City Zipline

Park City Zipline

Take the local lift up to the top of the mountain for a birds eye view of the breath-taking landscape. Or maybe take a ride on the 3000 ft long Alpine slide. Find out how it feels to fly with a ride on the 100ft tall 50mph zip line, or simply take a stroll through the woods. In Park City there is something for everyone.

Now that you know, it’s time to go! The only way to truly discover the magic of Park City is to experience it for yourself. So bring your family and friends and live the Park City life style, the playground for adults where you cant go a day without a smile.

P.S. – Let us know your favorite part about Park City, don’t be shy drop us a line!

About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.