Park City Winter Sightseeing is pure magic, and you’ll have the gift of experiencing it firsthand. Between all your favorite winter activities like skiing down the freshly powdered slopes and curling up by the fireside in your rental home, head to our favorite sightseeing locations to drink up the gorgeous landscape:

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Take a Snowshoe Tour

With White Pine Touring you can take a tour unlike any you’ve done before. Bundle up in your comfiest winter jacket, don your snowshoes, and hit the snow with your trusted guide from White Touring for this winter sightseeing experience. Breath in the crisp mountain air, enjoy a wide, blue sky, and take lots of pictures of the snow-dusted pines and the glittering snow that blankets the ground. We love this tour, and so will you.


Take a Sleigh Ride

What better way to enjoy the scenery than in an old-fashioned horse-drawn sleigh? This can be a romantic date idea or a fun activity for the entire family. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy the view as your ride trots through Park City in a unique way that you won’t get through any other avenue. You can also experience the Viking Yurt, which is an all-evening event that comes with both dinner and a view. Watch the city lights twinkling from above as you eat dinner in a Viking yurt after the 25-minute ride to the top. These particular sleigh rides are actually drawn by snowcats because of the steep terrain! Adventurous, right?


Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Was the snowcat sleigh-ride and the view of Park City from the Viking yurt not quite adventurous enough for you? Well, then you’ll want to cap off your vacation with a truly special treat: a hot air balloon ride over the city and the mountains. Cold weather is the best time for ballooning since they rely on a difference of temperatures inside and outside the balloon. So naturally, you should head here to Park City for the winter if you’ve always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride over a winter wonderland!

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Park City Winter Sightseeing and Park City Vacation Rentals

Park City is the place to be in the throes of winter, and a Park City VR rental home is the place to be in Park City. After long days filled with winter sightseeing, you’ll be so happy to return home and light up the fireplace in a comfortable rental. Head over to our catalog now to get started.