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When you choose a rental property, you usually have one thing in mind—how do I make money on this? The answer to that has a lot of moving parts, and all are perfect reasons to hire Park City Rental Properties to provide you with effective Deer Valley property management services. The owner of the company has been on the other side and wants to share expertise with you so that you can make the best decisions along the way. Here is how easy it is to work with Park City Rental Properties—and how easy it is to get into the business.


Choosing Your Home

Whether you live in Deer Valley or not, you will need some help choosing the best vacation home for the best price. Some people say that you have to spend money to make money, but you don’t need to spend more than you should. We will help you make the best choice for your budget, your plans, your lifestyle, and your future. We will provide you with a breakdown of what to expect from your investment.

For instance, you may want to buy a home in one area because it’s not as expensive as some of the others. If it’s not near any amenities or any of the fun activities Deer Valley is known for, this could be a penny wise and pound foolish mistake because people will mostly choose vacation homes near their activities. We might be able to find you a perfect property within your means that we could keep rented constantly.

Even if you already have your home purchased, we can be of service. Here’s how…


Managing the Property

If you decide to manage your own property, you will have to do it all: preparation, marketing, booking, and cleaning and sanitizing between guests. You will have to accept credit cards, file taxes, pay licensing fees (after you find out about them), and handle repairs when accidents happen. Oh, and don’t forget to choose insurance!

Well, we call baloney on all that! We have been providing Deer Valley property management for over a decade, and the owner was once in your shoes. So, we are a perfect choice when it comes to managing your property, even if you live around the corner from it!


Cleaning and Maintenance

We’re listing this first because it’s such a big deal. When you first get your property, you will have to detail this home to get it ready for guests. You’re not born knowing that, so you will have a learning curve. When you’re done with repairs and detailing, you’re ready, right? Not yet.

You need to have cleaners who understand how to get the job done fast and well, and who can sanitize. So, you need to research companies and hire one, or learn how to do it yourself. Again, more learning curve. This could take you longer than you want to take. We can get this done in a jiffy for you and you can spend your time making money at your day job instead of wasting it doing something someone else can handle.

So now you’re ready? Not so fast, cowboy.


Taxes and Licensing

Every area and region has restrictions and laws concerning vacation rentals to protect renters and locals alike. There are also taxes involved in the hospitality industry. So really all you need to do is learn the tax requirements and pay the fees, get the right papers filed and costs paid, and go on!

Seriously, do you really want to go through all that? Yeah, we didn’t think you did, and we don’t blame you. We have tax and licensing experts available just for this reason, so leave the hard stuff to us.

Now, you think you’re ready? No? Good! You’re getting the pattern here.


Marketing Your Deer Valley Vacation Home

Marketing is often confused with advertising. They are not the same things. Marketing is the identification of what your ideal customer wants and research on how to reach them; advertising is purchasing space on proper avenues and outlets to reach out to them. Both are highly specialized fields and require years of training and experience for the best outcomes.

Unless you have spent your career doing one of these, you will need assistance. Sure, you can get a listing on the various rental platforms, but we know how to maximize that and turn marketing into advertising. We reach your potential guests with beautiful photography, well-written descriptions, and placement on top vacation rental platforms. When it comes to marketing and advertising your Deer Valley rental if you fail to plan you plan to fail. We already have the plan, so let us use it right away for your benefit!


Why We’re Different

There are lots of choices in rental companies, but you want someone who won’t micro-charge you for little things, skimp on advertising, let your property go to waste or leave gaping holes in the legal facets. If you’re looking for a rental company that will take excellent care of maintenance, cleaning, marketing, permits, licenses, taxes, and more, contact Park City Rental Properties and see how we’re different.

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