For the past 12 years, Summit Land Conservancy has been working to preserve the beautiful lands of Northern Utah. This nonprofit organization now holds over 2600 acres of land across Summit County, which features the Park City area.


What is the Goal?

Summit Land Conservancy forms mutual relationships with local landowners to permanently protect the pristine lands of Northern Utah. The nonprofit organization does so by raising money in the local communities of Park City and through generous donators across the country. With its fundraising, land is purchased, easements are made, and maintenance is performed to ensure an ongoing legacy of beautiful undeveloped landscapes.


Why is this Important?

Summit County is home to various wildlife and contains the important Weber River Basin. With 50 miles of the Weber River traveling through Summit County, it is essential to keep this area protected for aesthetic, economical, and ecological reasons. For this reason, much of the land protected by Summit Land Conservancy runs along the Weber River and its tributaries. Provided are some of the most important reasons behind Summit Land Conservancy’s efforts.

  • There are over 600,000 people, or 21% of Utah’s population, who rely on the Weber Basin for daily irrigation and drinking water needs. By halting development along this river, conservationists are ensuring clean water for future generations to come.
  • By protecting over 2600 acres of land and counting, Summit County’s wildlife and their respective habitats are also staying protected. Some of the most prominent wildlife in the area include: Bald eagles, moose, red foxes, mule deer, sand hill cranes Bonneville cutthroat trout, great blue herons
  • The maintenance of natural lands is beneficial towards controlling storm runoff. Under developed watershed areas, less water is absorbed and more pollutants are picked up. By keeping land undeveloped, water runoffs are cleaner and the severity of flooding in communities is decreased.
  • Through Summit Land Conservancy’s 2600 acres of land, approximately 3050 metric tons of CO2 are captured. This is the equivalence of removing 600 vehicles off the road for a year. In a time where preventing pollution is a major issue, Summit Land Conservancy is here to ensure clear and fresh mountain air.
  • If it is not obvious, preservation is also key to keeping tourists flowing towards the Park City area. This area is geared towards a thriving outdoor community. Without the beautiful environment to mesmerize over, the boost in economy from tourist would eventually disappear.

Next time you go fishing along the Weber River or go hiking through Mid Mountain Trail, be sure to absorb the natural beauty of this surreal area. If you would like to get involved with the mission of Summit Land Conservancy donations and volunteers are always welcome to take part in preserving the beautiful lands of Northern Utah.


About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.